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“If nothing is working out, try Content.”

Quality content can be your sure shot solution for making your company’s digital presence strong. Many companies have understood that having quality content developers is a crucial aspect of their marketing strategy.

They are searching for the best places to hire freelance writers online.

Having skilled freelance writers helps companies represent their brand in the best and most cost-effective way. In case you have never worked with freelance writers before, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. How can you start, where would you find the best talent, and how would they operate?

No worries, your confusion has been not only addressed but also solved.

There are a lot of online platforms and websites that have made it simple and painless for businesses to find skilled professional writers, share requirements, and hire them if suited.

Before diving into those platforms, let’s have a quick look at the roles and responsibilities of a freelance writer and what should you consider before hiring them:

  • Knows how to create 100% original content covering the latest and detailed stats
  • Able to perform proofreading, indexing, and copy editing
  • Ability to create content independently based on the provided instructions
  • Their content writing charges suits your budget
  • Creates content campaigns to meet your marketing and sales
  • Able to conduct research independently for blogs, whitepaper topics, articles, and other formats
  • Develop, edit, customize, and proofread content for given platforms
  • Knows to perform A/B testing on the web copies with landing pages, webpages, articles, and CTAs
  • Analyze content performance and keep updating content to improve specific content marketing parameters such as click-through-rates (CTRs) as well as attention time
  • Knows how to write proficiently in multiple styles including descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and expository to facilitate your specific content requirements

Now, you might be familiar with what a freelancer should be capable of and how they can help you with your marketing strategy, let’s dive into the list of online platforms where you can find highly-skilled and professional freelance writers.

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Below given is the list of the 8 best places to hire freelance writers online(If you choose not to use our content writing services 💔).

1. Upwork

It is a global platform where businesses and freelancers connect remotely. With 12M registered freelancers and 5M registered clients, it has become one of the largest marketplaces for freelance across the globe.

On Upwork, you can connect with a wide variety of writers. It also provides you an option to filter down your choices based on your requirements and freelancers’ skills.

In order to get started, you have to create your account first and publish a free ad. Upwork makes money by charging a 10% fee from freelancers’ earnings. You should consider this while finalizing the budget range with your ad.

2. Guru

With around 1.5M members across the world, Guru is dedicated to various freelance fields. With Guru’s built-in project manager app, you can manage your overall content creation project within the platform itself.

With this platform, you have an option to create agreements, share documents, and define tasks and milestones. These all functions contribute to your email, blog post, and website content.

You can post a job free of charge on Guru, but they take a fee from freelancer’s payments. The deducted amount is based on the plan that freelancers choose. It varies between 5-10% of the project’s total cost.

You can finalize a freelancer or a guru based on experience, reputation, and price.

3. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is also dedicated to helping businesses find qualified freelance writers. It allows businesses to find more than 16000 writers in the U.S.

It also enables you to manage your project workflow and place new orders as per the requirements. The pricing here ranges from 2 cents to $2 per word depending on the research required on your project.

4. Contently

Contently is one of the leading content creation platforms and calls itself: “ The Enterprise Content Platform.” It helps companies hire qualified journalists and writers in the U.S.

Its ability to integrate its freelancers’ network, its workflow software and its analytics platform makes Contently a captivating solution for businesses with a handsome budget. Before using this platform for connecting with writers, you must schedule a call with their content strategist regarding the content you need.

5. ProBlogger

It is considered one of the most official and famous blogs on the web. ProBlogger has a job board where companies and bloggers meet. It’s a paid job listing platform. To post an ad on ProBlogger, you have to pay $50 for a month. Here they have high-quality writers, and the rates also depend on their experience and the topic.

As per the ProBlogger data, there are more than 1M writers who seek work on their feed. Also, they will market your ad to their 42M twitter followers along with their website page, which would be viewed thousands of times every month.

6. Textbroker

Textbroker is one of those first marketplaces that are solely dedicated to finding freelance content creators and writers. It is designed for businesses that are looking for custom content services to create or manage their online presence.

Textbroker offers multiple options with multiple prices for small businesses. The cost also depends on the experience of the writer, the more the experience, the higher the charges.

You have a lot of options to buy content such as by commissioning a writer, by hiring a writing team, or placing your order to more than 1M qualified freelance writers. You can start by making a membership account in Textbroker and finalize pricing based on the quality and package of the writers.

7. GreatContent

GreatContent has more than 10M active translators and copywriters and translators in about 30 languages.

It provides high-quality eCommerce and SEO content for a wide range of digital companies, from finance to the travel industry to food, electronics, design, and more.

It also provides services such as editing, localization of content, multilingual copywriting, SEO audit, editorial planning, keyword research, and proofreading.

8. Craigslist

Here comes the last, but not least. Craigslist is a wide array of job postings, listings, and other classified ads on the website. You can find a local freelance writer as well on this platform. Craigslist is not a writing-focused marketplace, but you can still see a lot of freelance writers looking for jobs here.

In order to post your requirement here on Craiglist, you simply need to select the respective category and share the necessary details there.

At last,

Now you know some of the best places to hire freelance writers online. Choosing and going with one or multiple platforms to hire freelancers is completely based on your budget and requirements.

To begin with, you can approach those marketplaces which allow posting a free ad. If you don’t get quality content as per your expectations, you can move to other specific platforms.

And, you always have the option to connect with the Apna Writer team and go with fully managed content writing services. This way, you will not have to manage writers and their work, we will do it for you.

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