Importance Of Content Marketing 2020: A Definitive Guide (Part-1)


To understand the importance of content marketing, first, you have to know what is content and how it is defined in terms of online marketing.

Content for marketing is not limited to the written contents only; it also covers other types of contents. It includes contents like articles, photos, graphics, videos, emails, podcasts, blog posts, forum posts, webinars, infographics, white papers, how-to guides, case studies, press releases, social media posts, quizzes, and some others.

Now the question arises, how do you market your product or service through these contents? Unlike traditional marketing, where you ask the viewers and listeners directly to buy your product, here you encourage the online users indirectly to buy your product through the carefully crafted contents.

Sometimes, your initial goal is limited to attracting an audience, encouraging them to participate in your activity, and encourage them to visit your website again.

Contents are used to prepare the ground, create a loyal group of audience, and encourage visitors to participate in promotional activities. The idea is to market your products and services indirectly.

For example, people reading your blog articles regularly may choose to buy your webinars, ebooks, or other offers. The visitors to your website may simply click the accompanying links that will generate affiliate income to you. Your brand gets a higher recall value. Your website visitors know you so when they need a product that you also sell, they will first visit your store to buy that product. They will refer you to their family members, friends, and acquaintances.

Why Content Marketing Is Important in Today’s Digital World?

Now, most people receive their information through the Internet. Most of the communication materials now pass through the online channels.

People visit all types of websites to read the news, find information, send emails, post contents, read or view contents, and for other purposes.

You cannot ignore the importance of this medium when people spend so many hours here. It presents a golden opportunity to market your products. You get a large number of valuable leads in one place.

Content Marketing is Cheaper

Unlike traditional marketing where heavy advertising is needed to get your message across to the target audience, you do not have to spend so heavily when marketing through the contents. Content development requires only a small investment but it keeps giving returns for years to come.

The contents you develop and post over the years keep generating traffic and revenue in the coming years. You can take the help of professionals like writers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers to create your content.

Hire professional freelance writers to write content for you and it will keep giving you returns for a long time. Understand the importance of content marketing. It saves you money, time, and other resources.

Content Marketing Allows Even Small Businesses to Compete Against Large Competitors.

Online users check only those contents that meet their needs, demands, and preferences. It means you receive only the target audience. You do not have to spend heavily to attract prospective customers. People interested in buying a product or service will visit you if you sell the things they need. You can attract them using the right content.

It is possible to reach national and international markets easily with the help of content marketing. You do not have to hire marketers or an advertising agency. Content marketing helps you start an online business even with a small investment. Search engines depend on the content to rank websites.

Good, relevant, and useful content will help you reach the first pages of the search results quickly. You will start receiving lots of traffic just because of your content. It will increase your business and profits.

Content is the Cornerstone of Inbound Marketing

The success of your inbound marketing depends a lot on the content you create to attract your audience. This marketing method involves attracting and engaging people through useful content. Useful and informative content provides value and builds trust in the mind of the user. There are four parts to this marketing category.

Attract – These contents are used to attract online users. The options include articles, blogs, social media posts, and advertisements.

Convert – Just attracting people through inbound marketing is not sufficient to convert them into customers. Once the people arrive at your website, you have to use the conversion tools to turn them into customers. Your website should have useful content that encourages visitors to stay longer.

It should be easy to navigate the website and find the required information quickly and easily. Develop the cart and payment setups that allow your website visitors to order the required products quickly.

Close the Deals – Once the visitors have opted to buy a product or service at your website, you must make the buying process easier and convenient for them. Use correct content marketing tools like lead nurturing, social media monitoring, and marketing automation to successfully close the leads you have received.

Delight Tools – Once the purchase is over, it does not mean you stop the interaction with this successful lead. Now your goal should be to delight the buyer through trigger marketing, attribution reporting, conversation inbox, marketing automation, and dynamic contents. It will ensure they continue to purchase more or just have a pleasant experience so they visit your website again.

In part two, we will be going through on how to make great content for marketing purposes and building good content strategies. Stay tuned.

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