5 Reasons To Hire Freelance Content Writers

Reasons To Hire Freelance Content Writers

Hiring freelancers is becoming quite common among Startups, Agencies, & other Businesses globally due to various factors. Until a few years back hiring only full-time employees was considered a “Right Decision” to get the work done. But now working and hiring patterns have changed.

Now, Typically there are 3 ways of hiring writers to get the work done:

  • Full-Time Employees
  • Part-Time Employees
  • Hiring Freelancers

Each employment hiring option has it’s own benefits. In this blog. We are going to discuss “Top 5 Reasons to hire freelance Content Writers

Reasons to Hire a Freelance Content Writer

1. Save On Cost


Save Money on Hiring Freelancers

There is no particular way or particular fees a content writer charges, you can choose a content writer based on your requirements and budget. Charges differ, depending upon various factors including writer’s experience, writer’s niche, quality of work, the quantity of work, etc.

When you hire a Freelance Content Writer typically there are 3 ways you pay them:

  • Hourly Basis
  • Project Basis
  • Per word Basis

Let us elaborate on it for you.

How you pay when you hire someone on an hourly basis:

The hourly basis is mostly when you handover them the entire work, and they tell you the estimated time required to complete the task and you pay them for those hours.

For instance, you need to get your website content done, you tell them the requirements, the kind of content you want for which page, and how many words and they’ll tell you how much time it will take them to complete the content and deliver it. And you pay them only for the hours they work for.

It saves on cost. This mostly applies to experienced writers. Who are quick with their work.

In case if you’ll hire a full-time employee for the same task and they finish it and you have no other work to allot them. You would still have to pay them even for the hours they’re not working.

Now, let us understand how you pay on “Project Basis”

How you pay when you hire someone on Project Basis:

A project basis work is much similar to hourly basis work.

Here, you pay for the entire project.

For instance, you need content for your website, it includes blogs, product descriptions, terms & conditions, Company profile, Case studies, etc. You explain to them your requirements and they quote you for the complete project irrespective of how many hours they will take to complete the task even if they take more you would not have to pay them extra.

This is applicable for Newbie Writers & Experienced writers. The amount they would quote you completely depends on the experience and quality of work. It can range from Low, Medium to high i.e., Premium Charges.

Now, let us understand the most famous and commonly used method of charging & paying i.e. Per word pricing.

How you pay when you hire someone on Per Word Charges:

The Per word charge is basically you pay for each word a writer writes. Charges differ for different kinds of content.

It is much different from the charges methods mentioned above. This paying method applies mostly when there is a small project to work. It is one of the most cost-effective methods.

Hiring freelance content writers for projects, small tasks, and short term projects is highly recommended. If you hire a full-time employee for the same you would have to pay him even when there is no work in the office.

2. Freelancers are Highly Skilled

Highly Skilled Freelancers

Freelancers are self-learners and sometimes trainers too. They are “Experts” in their niche. They take frequent training to keep themselves updated in the field they are in which ends up making them “Highly Skilled”

When you work in a particular field for years, you end up being an expert for that particular topic. That’s the case when we talk about freelancers.

For instance, A task outside our usual skill set might take us hours to finish, whereas an expert would finish the same task within a few minutes.

3. Less Risk Involved

Less Risk Involved in Hiring Freelancers

When you hire a Freelancer, less risk is involved financially and even for the work.

Financially because as you pay only for the work they do, you don’t require to provide them with any other monetary benefit from the company’s end or ensure any other safety like Health Insurance, Paid Leaves, etc.

Less risk for the work as they are already experts in what they do. So you don’t need to keep an eye on them or spend your time guiding them for the work you hire them for.

4. Global Reach

Global Reach for Your Business

When you hire In-Office staff you’re bound to hire someone from the same city. People are mostly uncomfortable to relocate. This can force you to hire someone who is probably not the right fit for a particular role. You need to give extra hours & money in his/her training.

But, when you hire a freelancer you can easily hire someone who is the right fit and already skilled for the particular task to be done.

5. Hassle-Free Hiring

Hassle-Free Hiring

When any in-house hiring is done, you need to go through the whole hustle of 4-5 rounds of interviews (differs from one organization to another), resume screening, shortlisting, documentation process, training process, tests, etc to complete the final hiring.

But, when you hire a freelancer you skip all of these steps and hire them. You might doubt as we mention the hassle-free process but there are companies that provide complete content writing solutions. So, you never have to worry again about managing the writers and content creation process.

We at Apna Writer too believe in helping businesses by providing them quality content services. You just need to go through a simple registration process and then you can order content that suits all your needs and requirements.


Hiring freelance content writers is a hassle-free and affordable option than hiring a full-time content writer. For several reasons which include their expertise and years of experience. You don’t need to train them or worry about the quality of work they provide.

Freelancers are no less than Entrepreneurs they know if they fail to provide good quality content their brand image will be damaged forever.

Sometimes employees fail to provide quality, or they complete the task probably because they work “Just For The Sake” until you provide them motivation or training. But, you’ll never face this with freelance content writers.

Also, the biggest advantage is you can hire a freelancer from any part of the world. Now, you are ready to hire your first few freelance content writers. We hope that you get to work with some amazing talents.

Do share your feedback in the comments about this article and do let us know about your views too. Also, if you are looking for a professional article writing service then do send us a message. We would be happy to help you craft engaging and unique articles for your blog.

Thank you.

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