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White papers help you establish authority, boost your credibility, reflect your expertise in your domain and helps generate qualified leads. Need an authoritative voice for your whitepapers? That’s where we come in.

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Working with ApnaWriter's White Paper Writers

Forget listing job ads and sifting through resumes. Tell our writers what to write, and relax as our expert writers from various industries craft excellent whitepapers for your business.

Highest Quality Content

Effective white papers are known to last longer and work harder compared to any other content that you publish. This is why we produce the highest quality content that will help you stay at the top of your domain for long

Quick Turn Around

Time is money. So when you provide us a deadline for submission, we respect it and deliver your content on time, every time.

Engaging Writing

Though whitepapers are technical, they need not feel boring and dull. Our expert writers will not just produce authoritative copy but will also keep it engaging and entertaining so that your branded content doesn’t feel lifeless and robotic.

Data Backed Writing

We understand that technical whitepapers carry a lot of burden on them to establish your brand as an authority in your subject matter. That is why the content for your whitepaper, produced by our writers, will be well researched and backed with data

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things that we promise

With White Paper Writing Services India

Solution Focused

The copy for your whitepaper will not be rambling unnecessarily about the subject matter, but it will be focused on solving a problem and driving home the point that you want.

Establish Thought Leadership

Whitepapers establish your thought leadership and credibility in the industry. So, the content of your whitepaper will be written with a unique approach that will influence decision making in your business domain.


When we write copy for you, we transfer the complete rights to you for your branding. This makes us one of the best white paper writers in India.

Following Your Specific Guidelines

Whitepapers are of huge importance to your brand and we understand that. This is why we follow each and every guideline that you provide carefully while crafting your White Paper

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be 100% satisfied and that is why we offer unlimited revisions to our content based on your review. This makes it one of the best White Paper writing services in India

Proofed and Checked for Grammar

We ensure the copy you receive has zero mistakes and is free from grammatical mistakes and typos.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Paper Writing

The order process for our White Paper writing service is very simple and will take only 5 minutes to submit your project requirements.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Order Now button placed above
  • Register for a user account
  • Submit a form with all the details regarding your White Paper project
  • Pay for your order and you will get a confirmation mail from our side
  • We will complete the order and would send the White Paper content on your preferred mailbox

We follow a simple but guideline based approach when it comes to writing white papers. Our writers are trained for handling varied requirements and act based on them.

Here is a simple overview of our writing process:

  • The user places an order for professional white paper content
  • Someone from our team will connect the user to know all the important details about the project
  • We will create a content structure for the White Paper as per user requirements
  • Our team of White Paper writers in India will then start writing the content
  • Once ready, we will send the copy for approval
  • If there are any revisions to be made, our team will do it and will send the final copy to the user

Don’t worry if you are not sure about the content structure for your White Paper. Our team can help you create an outline based on your goals, audience requirements, budget and any other factor that you want to be included.

No, we only provide White Paper writing service in India but if you also want to get it designed then we can get you connected with professional White Paper designers.

As, we are only a white paper writing agency, we are not focusing on the designing part yet.

Not for all, but we cover most of the leading industries. At Apna Writer, we do not ask a single white paper writer to cover all the industries. Instead, we hire niche-based white paper writers having experience in that specific industry.

Some of the major industries that we work with are Marketing, Health, Finance, Business, Manufacturing, Education, Technology, Entertainment, Legal, Travel, etc.

We have only listed some of the major ones and thus it is suggested to connect once with our team to discuss your requirements. We will try our best to serve you.

We only hire professional White Paper writers having some minimum years of experience of writing content. Also, they undergo multiple rounds of content quality testing before making them work for the live White Paper projects. Apna Writer makes it easy to hire White Paper copywriters at affordable prices.

We have two packages for our services as mentioned above with all their details. If you want to outsource White Paper writers for bulk content then you can connect with our team to get a custom White Paper writing package.

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