5 Content Marketing Trends Every Business Needs To Know

Content Marketing Trends Every Business Needs To Know

The digital gain is exemplary. With the onset of the pandemic, every business has gone digital. And we know that the internet has prominently connected global interaction.

Among millions of websites, standing out is a challenge.

And, CONTENT is always an important element of any business.

Content is the future.

Content propagates growth.

Every business is initiated by having the aim of growth. And by growth, we mean our growth and our customers’ growth.

David Beebe says “Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” Stop thinking about what to give people and start thinking about what their actual needs are. That comes only with communication.

So communicate! Listen to what they say. Make your customers part of your business.

Nevertheless the price of the content piece, creative content wins over any other content. The content marketing trends we followed in 2020 might not be the same for the year 2021.

Here are five content marketing trends that every business needs to know:

1. Expand through Niche-Communities

Would you believe me if we say that in a couple of years niche communities might replace bigger communities? When big ones go wrong, niche does right.

Social Media is dumped with content, of which a lot of low-quality content is being thrown at the users. Pandemic has made people use social media for hours and its low-quality content brings disbelief in social media(The main reason for Facebook’s downfall). To gain people’s trust marketers develop niche communities, leading to a customer-centric approach.


  • The financial sectors are under control
  • Security of the business data stays safe in niches
  • Less noisy and on point
  • No too much information and is consistent

Tips for efficient development of niche communities

  • Passive piggybacking – Piggybacking is marketing in a lot of channels to create awareness of the niche community. This way we cover a huge sector of audience.
  • Make the users stay – Users usually follow a lot of communities, be the better of all or they might jump off to others.
  • Innovative steps – Inculcate innovative ideas. In a certain design community, users publish their designs and some even generate design ads. Popularising the niche community.

2. Cross Channel Repurposing Content/ Piggybacking

How about repurposing an old article rather than starting from scratch? Sounds effortless and effective, right? Content in a certain channel might drive interest in a group of people, piggybacking(using the same content on other channels) to another channel might help gain a new group too.

Tips on Cross Channel Repurposing

  • An efficient blog post (ie) a certain content for the readers’ community
  • Conversion of the exact blog into a video for the visual community to sink it in
  • Fragment the video and advertise it on other social media platforms for another set of communities
  • Multiple digital channel marketing is intelligence. It is the maximum usage of the efforts put in

3. Live Visual Connect to earn E-A-T

Visual content almost magnetizes all demographic groups.

Live visual content is a new era and no one can disapprove of it. A lot of channels allow live streaming, and this is a savior for business. Live streaming allows you to directly communicate with users thus helping them  build trust in your business

As the word E-A-T(Expertise- Authority – Trustworthy) goes, we can stay transparent and show the consumers how much they need us and how much we will need them.

Author Carey Lowe, in her book ‘The Correct Way To Find Video Marketing Success’ says “When done correctly, all you need is one video marketing campaign to build up highly targeted traffic for a long time.” People would get 100 solutions from one video, rather than getting 100 answers from 100 videos.

4. Engaging User Experience

The web is so complicated. Numerous clicks and you are never at the right place. We need something from the internet, but it’s so complicated. At the same time, some UX without the need keeps us super engaged.

Remember? the no internet T-rex game, chrome created. Many business officials found that the employees seem to be playing it more often. Then chrome came up with an option to disable it in the setting. Funny as it sounds. A simple UX kept us all hooked up!

UX creates impressions. Turning it into a positive or negative one lies in our work. Simple and engaging UX makes users return to you. Because even we hate it when there are too many elements on a web page.

5. Personalization

Personalized content is engaging and people tend to play with it. Helps in keeping the users stay with us.

Engage – Entertain – Remember.

Let us explain to you better. It’s no wonder that most people are now using reaction stickers instead of text messages. Whatsapp allowed us to personalize. It lets us create our own stickers, now leading to the change in the whole texting trend itself.

With the advancement in technology ad blockers are taking over. Well, most of your advertisements that you pay money for people to view don’t even reach them. But digitized content marketing is long-term and cost-efficient compared to other types of advertisements.

As mentioned earlier, change creates development. Trends are shapeshifting. The faster we hold on to it, the more knowledge we have in the field. Making it easy to understand the pattern.

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