Content Writing: A Good or Bad Career Choice

Content Writing A Good Or Bad Career Choice

Content writing is a versatile field.

The career scope of content writing is limitless. But to realize your writing finesse, you need to have a good command of writing, thinking, and communication skills.

Because writing clearly and proficiently requires one to think objectively, analyze which information is noteworthy and what newer research can benefit the people.

One needs to have an all-rounder skill, which makes it easier to build their career in content writing. If you have done your Bachelor’s or Master’s in English, you have an additional edge to pursue your career as an English content writer.

In fact, degrees such as Mass Communication and Journalism will benefit you as you’ll understand the nitty-gritty of journaling and researching.

Must-Have Skills For Content Writing

As we said, the role of a content writer is diverse and a writer is expected to know all the content and the industry they are writing for. So primarily, they must have:

Detailed knowledge: About the content and industry they are writing for.

Ability to research: Dig deep into the industry they are writing for, research the market gap and how their piece of content can solve the audience, consumer, or reader’s problem.

Creating unique content: After you’ve researched properly, you should put in your objective and subjective points of view in your writing so that your readers can understand the topic. One important aspect while writing content is not to copy from any of the researched places. That’s plagiarism. And deeply frowned upon activity.

As a writer, you must strive to write with originality and honestly. If you’re found to copy-paste any contents of your writing, you’ll have a hard time proving your credibility. So write to express and not impress.

Keen to write for a global audience: A significant advantage of writing content digitally is that your writing knows no boundaries. Since your articles will be published on the web, anyone from Africa to Antarctica may read your content! How cool is that?

There are literally no boundaries, and your unique opinions will be readable to the global audience. So there’s no worry for the writer to think that they don’t have an audience who’ll read. As long as you can write, you’ll have a reader.

Ability to adapt digital: As we know, attention-span online is that of a goldfish; very low! So writing long-lengthy paragraphs like the ones we did during school and colleges won’t go well online.

On the web, people want to read informative articles that can help them, educate them, know about something new – in the shortest amount of time.

So you need to write short, but crisply. Your articles must be skimmable highlighting the main and crucial points so that readers feel good to have invested their time in reading your article.

Otherwise, it’s just a waste of their time and they won’t read you again!

Grammar and language skills: Making your base strong is the foundation of anything. There’s a reason why we still remember the rhyme ABCDE. It’s because our base is strong. And for writing, that base is grammar and language skills.

Whichever language that you’re writing for, make sure you know the fundamental grammar skills. Learn all the nitty-gritty about it. Read and talk in that language to improve your skills.

Having strong communication skills here is important to improve your grammar. Once you hone your skills, you can write anything fluently.

Note: It’s not important you have a rich vocabulary and use difficult Shakespearean words. That’s so middle age! In the digital age, you need to focus on how you can communicate effectively using the simplest of language because you have a global audience.

The Career Scope of Content Writing 

So once you’ve understood you possess the skills, it’s time to niche down to what you’re passionate about writing content in and for. Writing gives you the liberty to, well, write about anything and everything!

You can be a Travel Writer if you like writing content about travel stories. Have an incident to share where you met a shepherd and got talking about your favorite book? Boom – a great travel writing content!

You can be a Copywriter if you know you can persuade people to buy products or services. The Nike’s ad: Just Do It – that’s an art of well-written actionable copywriting. If you can hone your skill in that domain, bam, you’re a copywriter, my friend!

Do you have a knack for news and love reading what’s going in New Zealand’s politics while sitting in Dehradun? Well, you can be a great Feature Writer for tabloids and online journals!

The world is so globalized and having your varied opinion on how New Zealand’s politics might affect India is news in itself! So go on and explore your content writing career in this!

Do you love entertainment, web series, books, and movies? Wonderful – you can make money from your very pass-time as a Movie-Reviewer, Scriptwriter, Entertainment Blogger, Book-Reviewer – recommending them good content through your well-written content writing.

And what if you like ALL of this industry? Well, you can be a Freelance Content Writer if you love writing about so many domains. You can take up projects and writing topics that interest you and you love exploring.

See, the career scope of content writing is as diverse as you can think of! People make millions being a content writer. And it’s because they have honed and excelled at their craft.

And you can too if you practice writing daily! So it all depends on how good to the great career you can make content writing to be!

Future of Content Writing 

In the digital arena, content writing is an ever-growing, dynamic, and promising career option. The future of content writing is massive! People have gone and become content marketers, strategists, managers, editors, and whatnot!

The career scope of content writing is not only good but lucrative, as you can earn millions – only if you are constantly honing your skills!

So go on and write about what aspect of writing you love the best? And let us know why you want to be a content writer. 😊

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