How to Scale SaaS Sign-Ups Through Content?

How to Scale SaaS Sign-Ups Through Content

One of the biggest challenges that a SaaS business or a startup can face is bringing new customers and retaining old ones.

With over 25,000 SaaS companies in the world providing services for different types of software, the competition is getting tough.

You may find it difficult to close a client because they have multiple options available on the table to avail of the required service.

But a powerful content marketing approach can help you increase the SaaS sign-ups and scale your business to new heights amidst the competition.


Let’s find out.

How Are SaaS Startups Different?

Before we understand how you can increase your SaaS signups using content, you need to understand how a SaaS startup differs from established businesses and how content can help the business grow.

A SaaS startup needs to cater to clients looking for professional software or being served by their existing competitors.

A SaaS startup needs to stand out from the existing service providers to cater to the clientele for business scalability, and quality content can play a vital role in bringing the idea to reality.

With limited funds and brand awareness in the industry, a SaaS startup needs to create an omnichannel content strategy approach to compete with the industry’s big guns and stand out.

Multiple ways can increase SaaS signs for a startup using content. Have a look.

Increasing SaaS Signups Through Content

If your SaaS business makes less than $10 million per year, you may lose customers at a 20% median rate.

The acceptable churn rate is around 5%.

That’s why signing new clients becomes important for a SaaS startup to avoid future troubles.

You need to implement a powerful and target content strategy to attract new clients and minimize customer churn.

Content marketing is a great tool for SaaS businesses that:

  • Cuts the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Helps to attract new prospects and increase brand awareness.
  • Helps to guide and teach the customers to slide through the sales funnel.
  • Allows to showcase industry expertise and build authority.
  • Enables effective launch of a new product or service.

Here are a few points to consider while using content marketing to increase your SaaS sign-ups

1. Buyer Persona

You need to understand your audience before kickstarting your SaaS content marketing strategy. You need to create a buyer persona to understand the pain points, desires, revenue, size, sales and marketing members, employee numbers, and other elements of a quality B2B buyer persona.

If you have a B2C SaaS business, you can change a few metrics of the buyer persona. These profiles can simplify your content marketing process and give you the right direction and path to target your audience.

You’ll be aware of the needs and demands of your audience, which can make it easier for you to respond to the direct questions. Once you get a crystal clear idea about your audience, try to figure out the converting content strategy used by your competitors.

Multiple SaaS businesses focus on the customers to create a robust content marketing strategy, but analyzing the market and competitors can ease the process and tailor the marketing strategy.

You can understand what content is working in the industry and how you can improve to attract your target audience to your SaaS business.

2. Create A Tailored Content Strategy

Setting up a strong base for your content marketing approach helps you minimize the effort of creating a tailored content marketing strategy for your business. A robust strategy can help you leverage the power of content for your SaaS business and ensure that you can achieve the best-desired results executing the strategy.

Your team of thinkers and professional strategists can tailor the content roadmap that can represent your SaaS business as an authoritative and credible brand in the industry and ensure that you can attract more SaaS sign-ups.

Create a content calendar and follow an omnichannel approach to target your audience on different platforms that spend their time. Don’t stick to a single content marketing approach because, in the competitive world, you need to put in the effort to secure a high-quality SaaS client.

While choosing an omnichannel content distribution approach, you need to ensure that you vary the content for different channels. The content that might work on Instagram might fail on LinkedIn.

Your content strategists and writers need to mold your message into different content angles that can deliver the crux on different channels with the same effectiveness.

3. Different Content For Different Stages of The Funnel

Closing a SaaS sign-up is not a straightforward task that can be done within a few steps. You need to create a foolproof sales funnel where you can provide different content to your target audience based on the progress they made on the funnel.

You must bifurcate your target audience into three stages, cold, warm, and hot.

Cold audiences are unaware of your brand, the problem they might face, and the SaaS solution you are offering.

The warm audience understands the problem, but they don’t know how to solve that problem and who can assist them in solving the issue.

The hot audience is aware of the problems and the solution but is looking for the best source to get the SaaS solution, and you can be that provider.

You need to create blogs, ad copies, website content, landing pages, emails, and other content formats to target your audience at these different stages of the buying journey.

4. Work On Feedback

You need to understand that things always go the way you planned your content marketing strategy. You need to ensure that you work on the feedback on your prospects, leads, and leads.

Conducting a survey, questionnaire, and Q&A session can help you get a crystal clear idea of the target audience’s demands and what you can do with your content marketing approach.

You need to optimize your content based on customer feedback to increase the conversion rate of the sign-ups. Personalized interaction with the audience can help you create a better connection with the leads and strengthen the one-on-one relationship.

5. Close The Gap Between Marketing And Sales

Successful content marketing focuses on attracting the sign-ups and converting the sign-ups into paying customers.

You need to set the target right and ensure that your content approach delivers a quality sales pitch that can help you increase your clientele and profits.

Once you provide quality content to your target audience during their buyer’s journey, it will become easier to convert them into your long-term clients.

Also, try to remove the friction from your SaaS service by offering free trials, discounts, guidebooks, and other services to allure the prospect.

These are the best ways to leverage content to increase SaaS sign-ups and convert them into your paying customers.

Increase Your SaaS Business Clientele Using Content

Now that you understand the nitty-gritty elements related to the importance of content in the SaaS industry, you need to integrate a foolproof content marketing strategy to deliver your desired business growth results.

You need to create quality content for your target audience and provide them value at different stages of the buying journey. Leverage the power of content and experience the transformation in your SaaS business numbers.

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