7 Important Elements of a News Story

Important Elements of a News Story

So you have a story, and you want to release it to the world out there.

But will your audience pay attention to your news?

Will anyone use their valuable time just to read something about your enterprise or event?

Well, they can.

But only if your news has the engaging elements in it, right from the start.

But how can a piece of news be more enticing and filled with elements?

Confusing, right?

Let’s clear the dust from the air.

How Can Engaging Elements Make a Story Newsworthy?

What is news?

Anything which contains worthy information about recent events, isn’t it?

And what makes that information worthy of reading?

That’s the engaging element we were talking about.

There are tons of news articles available online for people to read, but what makes your news special to read is those elements.

So what does it take to make an enormous set of audience sit and go through your news carefully?

What will make your story attention-worthy?

Want to know the 7 secret elements that you can use to turn boring news into a sizzling and engaging one?

Here they are:


The news or events’ location is one of the prime elements that can make people glued to your news.

People will be more interested in the event/news if it’s happening near their proximity, rather than far away.

It raises the emotion of curiosity to know more about the story and hence engages more local readers.

Example: You would be interested if Reliance is setting up an industry in your state or city, rather than a location miles away from your state, right?

Defining a specific location can catch the eyes of most of the people living near that region or belonging to that region.

Let’s jump onto the next element on the list.


A renowned place, person, or activity will catch more eyes than someone/something unknown to people.

Also, it will give a new angle to the story.

Example: An unknown footballer inaugurating a sports event won’t have any impact unless that footballer is Lionel Messi.

People want to know more about what famous personalities are doing and if they are associated with your news, they’ll read it. This also helps to attract new audiences who don’t know about your business in the first place but are aware of the renowned place, person, or activity.

But keep in mind the freshness of the news.


It won’t matter much if you have a renowned person, place, or activity listed in your news; if it’s old news, it loses its significance.

The time of the news is very important, as the importance of the news is inversely proportional to the news. Current news has more impact than that of last weeks or even yesterday’s. Nobody wants to know what happened a week ago, they want to know what happened today, yesterday or what will happen tomorrow.

Another significant factor that can increase the newsworthiness is:


Apart from the timing, anything strange in the news can also make it more impactful. With strange we mean to include something unusual, bizarre, or shocking.

It brings that element of surprise that can make readers glued to your news. It will give your news that extra edge over hundreds of news headlines people go through every day. With a headline, one thing you need to keep in mind.

💡 Tip: Use that as a hook in the headline to pull readers into the news.

What’s the cherry on the cake?

If you can directly or indirectly relate that oddity with the audience.


People want to know about the story if the news or event is directly or indirectly affecting them.

Everyone cares about themselves, and if something is triggering them somehow, they become curious to know more about that.

You can raise normal human interest if you can relate things in your news. Talking about human interest, let’s see the next element on the list.

Human Interest

If your story draws any emotional attention or reaction, it has the element of human interest.

Human emotions are a powerful means to connect with the readers. If you make use of them wisely, your news can do wonders. It’s fairly recommended if you have an emotional touch to your news; then your engagements will see a drastic bump for sure.

It’s time to discuss the last engaging element on the list.


It might sound strange to you but yes conflict can be one of the engaging elements your news can have. You see people are always interested in disagreements, rivalries, arguments. It always spices things up a bit.

It’s human nature to choose sides. They will have their opinion and will stand up for their choice. So don’t forget to use this element if your news requires it. This wraps up our list of 7 important elements of a news story.

What Next?

If you want more and more people reading your news…

If you want to make your newsworthy…

You need to sprinkle these 7 elements in your story to see the rise in your news engagements.

It isn’t a necessary thing to include all the above, but don’t just include things just for the sake of getting engagements.

Be genuine, be true, and try to include as many engaging elements as you can.

Then wait for the magic your news brings to your brand.

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