Five Important Steps in Content Marketing Process

It is easy to create content. Content is one of the most common terms lately. But creating quality content is a challenge. After the creation of quality content comes marketing. Be it a content writer or a content marketer; one has to know the process of content marketing. The process is very crucial to get the reach. Ask yourself, “Why some content alone wins?” It is because the content is engaging and satisfies the audience.

Think you might have also liked some content but disliked some. The successful reach of content lies with the content writer as well as the content marketer. Imagine a well-written content that did not get marketed. Then the content will not be recognized, and it becomes a waste of time.

Similarly, lousy content marketed well will also result badly. Knowing the content marketing process will improve performance. When you start following the process, then gradually, you will master content marketing.


Setting an objective is having a clear understanding of the content you are going to create and market. Fix the aim after deep thinking. Ask questions to yourselves. Most likely, find out what are the existing content and think about what new you are going to produce.

After all, don’t do for the sake of doing, be productive and give your best. Analyze on what type of content you are going to give as a result. Is it informative, educating, and entertaining or a mix of content? Decide and keep digging things related to your niche.
Elements of Objective

  • WHO
  • WHY
  • WHAT
  • WHEN


Content planning is bringing up innovative ideas that bring value to the audience. Planning starts with research. We have lots of researching ways. Research with books, Google, watch videos related to it, etc.

Try all possible ways and collect all the information. Understand the need of the audience and give life to a new idea. Once you have an idea, check out the trends related to your topic. Come up with a headline that is interesting. Planning can be different for each of us, but all that matters is being out of the box.
Elements of Planning



Execution is creation. Let your plan come into action now. Make a list of things that has to be done for execution. Start creating content, edit, re-edit, and work on it. Get feedback from others, and then keep improving the content. Hey, wait, the creator’s mind has to be peaceful and energetic. Listen to music, meditate or do whatever to be in a happy environment. Relax and evolve the content.

Remember it’s an empty book that’s going to be filled. Imagine a vision of the successful completion of the work. Think positively and finish with hope. When your brain is happy, your work will give excellent results. Gather all the things together and make it ready for publication.

There is no good time or bad time, write or create when you feel the awakening call. Close your eyes and visualize your goal. Start early, take time, and complete the work with the flow on time.
Elements of Execution



Here comes the big play. Really, when it comes to promotions, we have two ways namely paid and organic. But choose organic first. Then choose paid methods. The paid and organic tactics include SEO, advertising, word of mouth, emails, and social sharing.

Content can be podcasts, blogs, eBooks, videos, etc., Marketing the content depends on the created content. Promote the content to wherever you feel your customers are dwelling.
Elements of Promotion

  • PAID


Finally, analyze the results. There are plenty of tools to analyze what works best for you. Go through the reports you have got. Use Google analytics, check the insights of social media, notice the content which has got more response, and prepare your own report. Identify and track the metrics. Analyze what has gone wrong with your strategy and work on it.

Elements of Analyzation


The winner of content marketing is the best storyteller. Well written content and smart marketing yield good results. We come across a lot of content in the form of books, music, podcasts, blogs, etc.; sometimes, the content may look lengthy and even without knowing we end up reading or listening to the whole story. Do you know why? It is because we find interest in the content.

But there is also the part that different people have different interests. Gain the attention of your audience by providing some valuable content. It is not easy to satisfy all audiences, but higher the impressed audience higher the traffic.

When you truly show that you care for them, they will follow your content. Are you ready to produce compelling content? Content never dies; it is evergreen forever. Follow the content marketing process and board your content confidently.

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