Are Press Releases Dead?

Are Press Releases Dead?

Did you know that 63% of both Facebook and Twitter users receive their news from the social media giants?

Also, according to a global study conducted in 2019, 62 percent of respondents felt that there was a great deal of fake news on online websites and platforms.

In today’s world, fake news is everywhere from our WhatsApp groups to our Facebook feeds.

Being a business owner, you don’t want any fake news spreading around about your business, do you?

Of course not.

That’s where PRESS RELEASES come into the scene.

Coming out directly from the company, Press Releases are the trusted sources of information people can rely upon.

This is why they are being used by businesses all around the world, even today.

Thus, Press Releases are Not Dead.

They are Alive and are much needed today, even more than before.

In fact, if used wisely, they are the weapon that will give a tremendous boost to your business.

Find out how press releases can help your business:

Reason 1: They Help you Set Your Story

A well-written press release requires a crisp message and thoughtful attention to detail.

When your organization has news to share, there is value in creating a release to shape your story and keep everyone on message.

Brands use Press Releases a lot in sharing their message to their target audience. We are helping brands in ordering content for Press Release so that they can focus more on promoting it.

Reason 2: They Create a Timeline of your Organization’s History.

Even if your press release only lives on your website, it becomes part of your brand story and lets visitors know what you’ve accomplished over time.

For example, Namecheap shares their latest happenings on the website and anyone can read it in a timeline form to know more about the brand in a better way. You can check it out here

Reason 3: They are a Great Asset to Share as Part of a Targeted Media Pitch.

Once you’re engaged with a media contact who’s announcing your news, a press release is a helpful supplement to the other information and access you’re already providing.

Give your business the required Media Coverage using Press Releases wisely and effectively.

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