Easy Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Click-Through Rate

What is the best way to connect to your audience while also making lots of profit?

If your answer is email marketing, then you’re right.

Because emails can have an astounding ROI of 3800%. But not all businesses have such success with email marketing.

Many of the businesses out there wish they could do better. Because even if they have an amazing open rate, people simply run off in the middle without clicking on anything.

And no clicks means no leads or sales for the business.

But why do you think this happens?

It’s because businesses fail to realize that getting people to open the email is one thing while clicking on links inside is another.

So what can be done to improve your email’s click-through rate?

Check out these quick tips to find out:

1. Improve or Change the Content Altogether

Are your subscribers clicking on your emails but not engaging with what’s inside?

Then the problem might be with your content. Make your writing interactive and actionable.

Also, you can use GIFs and images to keep your reader’s attention or to highlight a CTA.

We test a lot when it comes to writing email newsletters. Though it takes time the end results are always amazing and what else would a client need from us?

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2. Improve your Formatting

If you think the content isn’t the problem, then there can be something wrong with the formatting of your email.

Right formatting can make a big difference. So, play around with things to see what works and what doesn’t.

And make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and use the right dimensions.

3. Segment your Email List

Not all emails are meant to be sent to the whole list. And this is especially true for businesses with multiple products.

Because everyone won’t be interested in everything. So, segment your list and send emails according to the personal preferences of your audience.

These tips will help you create a more effective email campaign while also boosting your click-through rates.

What tricks have you used to boost your email’s CTR?

Write down your ideas and queries in the comment section and we will be happy to discuss further. And, if you are someone who has not yet started with email marketing then this is the time.

Have a discussion with your team, plan your strategies, and start working on it.

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