Do You Create Content To Achieve Numbers or Provide Value?

Value V/S Numbers?

What do you aim for while posting your content?

What is your prime objective?

Achieve Numbers or providing Value?

One thing is for sure. Everybody wants to see the numbers.

Yes, they are important!

But do you really want to set it as your prime aim from the start?

We don’t think you should. When it comes to numbers, they are just to guide you and to point you in the right direction.

Consider this analogy:

If you want to win a sprint race, then providing value is not for you. But if you want to win a marathon, don’t focus too much on numbers. Providing value should be your primary goal while posting content for your audience.

And here’s a secret:

Numbers will take care of themselves if you create highly valuable and relevant content for your audience.

And if you do this better than your competitors there’s no force that can stop your skyrocketing numbers.

But how to blend value and relevance in your content?

Let’s go through some tips for that:

Tip 1: It’s About Them, Not You.

Focus on your customer. Your customer is the hero of every story you tell.

Clearly define your audiences and speak directly to them.

Tip 2: Investigate Like a Journalist

Understanding your audience will help you know them well and once that target is achieved, you can sprinkle your content with maximum value and relevance.

Tip 3: Rise Above the Noise

Today the internet is full of information overload. What you want to share with your audience has already been shared by someone else.

This generates the necessity for you to be different from everybody and at the same time, to provide immense value to your audience. You can take the example from our Knowledge Base section on the website.

We are publishing quality website content by adding as much value as we can. We have also started 100 days value challenge on our social media channels to help people come out of that basic content game.

In order to do so:

  • Go Niche
  • Showcase your expertise to a niche market with a unique angle.
  • Tell them how you are different from the competition.
  • Provide them value by sharing helpful content.
  • Engage with them on a deeper level than the competition who is focusing on numbers.

This will automatically create an upward spiral effect for your brand as more and more people in your target audience talk about your brand.

Now, how are you going to provide value to your audience?

You can talk to our team and we would surely help you in creating your content strategy. You can also connect with us to order content in bulk.

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