How Do You Write Content That’s Easy to Understand?

You may not exactly know your audience…

Your audience may have different educational backgrounds…

Some may have a good understanding of the language and some may not…

Then, how to make everyone understand your message?

How to paint a crystal clear picture into your audience’s minds?

You don’t want people to:

  • scratch their heads
  • be confused
  • get bored, or
  • have a headache…

while going through your content. The answer to all these questions is actually: SIMPLE.


In order to make your content easy to understand, you just need to write it in SIMPLE language.

But how to make content SIMPLE?

What can you do to convey your clear intention while using the SIMPLE language? Here you go!

Follow these tips to create simple yet meaningful content:

Write at Grade 8 Level

An average reader reads at the Grade 8 level. So, unless you’re purposely targeting people with a higher education level, it’s better to write your articles at a Grade 8 level.

This way whoever reads your article will be able to make sense of it.

Use Visuals to Explain Complex Topics

Using long blocks of text to explain complex topics can confuse your reader. To make it easy for them to understand, use visuals like flow diagrams, infographics, etc.

This will also make your content flow better.

Include More White Space

White space is a friend to the human eye. So make sure to break down your large blocks of texts into smaller, consumable chunks of information.

This will make it easy to read.

Structure Your Content Better

Use different headline styles and bullet points to structure your content better. This helps people understand the flow of your content.

What do you do to make your content easy to understand?

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