Important Content Marketing KPIs You Need To Track

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than any other form of online marketing tactic?

But how does that matter to you if you are not investing in it already?

Well, though the other forms of marketing exist, content marketing generates thrice the leads compared to the rest.

💡 Fun fact:  85% of global marketers use content marketing for generating more sales.

So if you want to make a serious impact in the online world with your enterprise, you must start investing in content marketing.

But how would you measure if content marketing is really working for your business?

Answer: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Businesses who don’t identify their KPIs never know if their content marketing is working, and hence they can’t optimize and grow.

With our experience in the content writing and content marketing business, we, at Apna Writer, want to highlight some deciding KPIs you should keep track of. These KPIs are based on multiple types of content that you will publish on different platforms:

Unique Visitors

You need to keep track of all the unique visits to your blog posts, website, and other content pieces you have published including your landing pages.

It should either be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This metric will help you understand your content’s performance. You should also track other relevant metrics such as Time on the Website, Comments & Interactions, Form Fills, and Downloads(Lead Magnets)

Shares and Engagements

It will help you identify the platform on which your target audience is sharing your content, and how much are they sharing it.

You can optimize your future content in accordance with that platform.

Also, you can then use various social media strategies centered on that platform to improve the engagement rate.

Inbound Links

This is one of the most underrated KPIs of content marketing.

You publish content on your blog and then wait for it to get some organic visibility. But, the web is a growing place with millions of other publishers trying to acquire the SERP.

Then, how can you beat them?

By getting quality inbound links to your content.

When other websites put the links to your website or content on their portal, it increases your credibility, passes the SEO link juice, thereby improving the value of your website in the eyes of search engines.

Conversion Rate

Measuring the conversion rate will help you figure out the success rate of the action you want your users to take.

For a business, a conversion can be a:

  • Click on a link
  • Form fill up
  • Social media share
  • Sale
  • Referral

Depending on what you define as a conversion for your business, monitor the conversion rates and optimize to increase them.

Use all these important KPIs to master content marketing, but keep in mind that you need a talented team of content writers to amplify your content marketing results.

Want to hire Apna Writer for that?

Connect with our team and let us discuss your content goals.

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