3 Compelling Reasons Why Product Reviews Matter

When was the last time you clicked the ‘Buy’ button without reading the reviews?

Can’t remember it, right?

It is because time has changed and so have the consumers. People want to learn more about the product before making a purchase.

They want to know things like:

  • How good is the product quality?
  • Does it solve my problem?
  • Is it worth the money they are asking?

And a lot of other questions.

The best way to get answers to all these questions is by:

Checking out other people’s experiences with it.

Isn’t it?

In fact, according to a survey, 94% of us check customer reviews when looking to purchase a product or service.

This shows how important product reviews can be. And if you’re still not convinced, then here are 3 more reasons why product reviews matter:

1. They Build Trust

People often tend to check the feedback of the other customer when they are stuck with their decision to buy.

Product reviews help potential customers feel secure while also promoting transparency.

And this all helps customers decide if they are making the right choice or not.

2. Reviews provide Free SEO Benefits

This is one of the reasons that gets overlooked by a lot of people. Product reviews provide site owners with free SEO benefits.

When a customer leaves a review they will use words or phrases that contain different semantic or long-tail keywords.

And your site will have a chance to rank for these highly targeted keywords. Also, search engines do check out the authority of a website through these reviews over time.

3. Great Way to Boost CTR

Just imagine:

You’re out to buy a pair of earphones and there are 2 that meet your requirements. One has a five-star rating while the other has no rating at all.

Which one would you choose?

The choice is obvious, right?

So, the number and quality of reviews are somewhat directly proportional to the clicks you will get on your products.

So are you making full use of product reviews for your business?

Share with us your story with regards to how product reviews helped your business. We have got a lot of positive reviews for our content writing service and that is what makes us happy.

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See you on the other side.

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