The Power of Emotional Hooks in Content

The boss yelled at him.

The client wasn’t happy with his work.

It was raining outside.

Ankush was driving back home.

He had a rough day at the office.

And then suddenly, Ankush’s car tyre punctured in the middle of the road.

Just imagine, why did you start reading this story?

You want to know what happened with Ankush and his car, isn’t it?

The story pulled you to read the next line, and then the next after that, and so on…

All because there were these emotions you could relate to while reading about Ankush’s bad day. Well, that’s the power of an Emotional Hook in content.

Imagine spicing your content with emotional hooks.

Wouldn’t your content engagement and conversions increase when readers are so much into your content, just like you are right now? 😉

Follow these 3 Tips to use the power of emotional hooks in your content:

1. Use Your Content to Tell a Story

Stories are how Human Beings remember information for a long.

Research has proved that the human brain is more engaged by Storytelling than by simple logical facts. Copywriters use this thing a lot while writing ad copies for the products or services.

Hence if you want your audience to remember your brand, tell them a good story.

Make an emotional connection with your content and then persuade them to take action.

This is how a powerful story can help to increase your conversions.

2. Leverage the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

You’ve been wanting to buy a new phone…

…and you get to know that it is available at a special price for just another 3 hours.

Wouldn’t you immediately buy it?

That’s the power of FOMO.

Nobody wants to miss out on a great deal that is expiring soon.

Neither does your audience.

So, if you want your audience to take action, create a sense of anxiety or urgency within them, and see your conversions skyrocket.

3. Make Your Audience Feel Special or Powerful

Why do you think people buy what they buy?

To solve problems, yes.

To enhance their interests, yes.

But there’s one powerful emotion behind their every buying decision:

Humans crave attention. They want to feel Powerful. They want to feel Special.

So if you can make your target audience feel special, nobody can stop your skyrocketing engagements.

You can do that by:

  • starting with a desire
  • using that to arouse their interest
  • build their curiosity and
  • hook them deep in your content

What emotions do you target while creating content for your audience?

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