Why Should A Business Write An Ebook?

Want to know what has been the highest converting strategy for generating leads?

And that too, for over 10 years?


In the marketing sense, eBooks (or electronic books) are informative, text-based documents presented in a digital format.

But the secret behind them being the highest converter for leads is:

Offering something truly valuable in the form of an eBook, just before the sales pitch or your call-to-action. It’s just like Costco’s buffet of free samples or a 30-day free trial of Netflix.

They act as the best lead magnets for qualifying leads, having the highest potential to convert into customers.

Check out the 4 reasons why you should write an ebook for your business:

Reason 1: Increase your Credibility

Consumers are constantly comparing you to the competition.

Just like a best-selling author, multiple eBooks make you look like the thought leader in your field.

And, as you write more eBooks, you’ll be forced to research and think critically, making you even more of an expert.

Reason 2: Give your Branding a Boost

Most people won’t hesitate to read a 10-page eBook if it’s on a topic they already care about.

This interest represents a perfect opportunity for you to give them a 5-minute taste of your brand.

This might not lead to purchase straight away, but it plants a seed of awareness that you can nurture with future marketing efforts. A lot of individuals and businesses reach out to us to help them in writing content for their ebooks.

Our team then tries to have a discussion with them to know more about their brand goals. The writing process starts only when we know what their end goals are.

Ebooks are an amazing way to connect with people and showcase your brand as an authority in your niche.

Reason 3: Stand Out from the Crowd

If you’re a small, or medium-sized business, your competitors are probably not writing eBooks. This means you can tap into their audiences with a first-mover advantage.

It will open doors for your business to capture more market share.

Reason 4: Easily Measure Success

Different eBooks with different objectives and CTAs can help you segment your audience based on their interests.

This way you can easily measure what works for your audience and business and what doesn’t.

Now that you know why it’s important to create more eBooks, it’s time to get started. And, we are always here to help you in crafting amazing eBooks that actually matters.

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