Writing Email Marketing Copy That Converts

Do you know which marketing channel gives the highest ROI?

Want to make $38 in exchange for every $1 spent on acquiring a customer?

Want to know which marketing channel is the heart and soul of any online business?


With new and trending social media platforms surfacing every other week, the only other asset that you actually own, other than your website is:

Your Email List.

So you should focus on building a high-quality list comprising highly engaged subscribers.

It will help boost your business revenue in the lines of the numbers revealed above.

Email Marketing done well means your emails getting:

  • good deliverability rates
  • good opening rates
  • good click-through rates, and hence
  • better conversion rates

Getting these results depends entirely on one thing:

How Well You Write Email Copy

Want to know how?

Follow these 4 tips to craft effective Email Copy.

Tip 1: Write a Killer Subject Line

The first thing to be perfect in your email copy is the email subject line because, if the reader won’t find it worth opening, your email campaign fails there and then.

Perfecting the subject line can make the difference between prospect opening your email, deleting it, or, even worse, reporting it as spam.

So get this right first.

Tip 2. Nail the Preview Text

It’s not just the subject line that sells people on opening your email.

It’s also the preview text. That’s the piece of text that tells subscribers more about the content of your email.

So make sure to make it attractive.

Tip 3: Structure Your Email Copy Properly

Make your emails more readable by:

  • Following a logical structure
  • Keeping paragraphs short
  • Including one main idea per paragraph

Feel free to use bullets and subheadings to break up blocks of text and make your emails scannable.

Tip 4: Use Psychology

Make use of psychology to make your leads click and read your emails. You can include:

  • Fear of missing out (FOMO), because we never want to lose anything.
  • Color choice, since different colors elicit different reactions.
    (You can use this effectively in CTA buttons)
  • Social proof that builds trust and makes your leads more inclined to read your emails.

Now that you know some important tips to craft an enticing email marketing copy, why not pen down one right away?

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