Top Content Writing Agencies In India 2023 [Updated]

Top Content Writing Agencies In India

“Content is king?”

Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s the entire kingdom for your business.

Here’s why:

Being in the digital world, we are sure that you are aware of the significance of content for an online business, irrespective of the marketing strategy one chooses.

But if you are new to the digital marketing world, then here’s what you are missing out on:

  • Content is one of the most important ways you can establish credibility and authority so that you can position your brand as an industry leader in your niche
  • Content can help you create brand awareness and build a healthy relationship with your target audience
  • Content helps you educate your target audience about your services, products, USPs, and why they should choose you over your rivals
  • Content can help you achieve your business goals, gain a tremendous boost in your conversion rates, and attain remarkable revenue

Don’t you want to achieve all this for your business?

Of course, you do. Everybody does.

But there’s a hurdle you need to bypass; you need to produce high-quality, extremely valuable content to engage your audience and build a tribe of loyal followers.

So, how to create such content?

One solution is to write it yourself, but then who will focus on the other important business processes?

The second option is to hire a team of skilled writers, but that will disrupt your entire budget, and the hiring process will be hectic and time-consuming.

So here’s what you can do instead. Leverage one of the most powerful business techniques to solve this major problem for your brand:

💡 Outsource your content requirements.

Outsourcing will help decrease your load and cover all the major aspects of quality content creation, from planning, writing, editing, and finalizing different content pieces for various internet marketing purposes.

Keeping in mind the seriousness of your content curation, you need to associate with one of the top content writing companies in India because outsourcing to average firms will do you no good.

To assist you with the research work and save your valuable time, we have shortlisted the top content writing agencies in India based on different vital metrics. So, let’s start with the list:

Top 10 Content Writing Agencies In India

You can choose any one of the below-listed content writing agencies that suit all your needs and are compliant with all the factors mentioned above.

Note: The list below is not rank-based.

1. Apna Writer

Apna Writer is the epitome of a customer-focused business because of its cost-effective, customizable content writing plans. They aim to deliver top-notch customer satisfaction to their clients.

It took them three years of dedication and consistency to craft over 15+ lakh words for more than 300 happy and satisfied clients spread across the globe and in different industries.

Following the idea of minimal profits and maximum customer satisfaction, Apna Writer is one of the ideal matches for any business to fulfill their content requirement of any scale.

Their testimonials speak volumes of their love of writing content in the business industry.

They have a smooth and systematic workflow that keeps a pitch-perfect balance between the quality and quantity of work they deliver daily. The process of content ordering couldn’t be simpler enough; you can order content just within a few clicks on their powerful portal.

With an experienced and professional team of some of the best content writers in India, they create informative articles to read. Their team of strategists and editors are highly focused on revolutionizing the content writing space of the country.

They have mastered the art of delivering world-class content copies, which includes:

  • Website copy
  • Video scripts
  • Landing pages
  • Ebooks
  • Blog Articles
  • Social media posts
  • Ad copies
  • White papers
  • Emails
  • The news content, among other content writing formats

They promise:

✅ On-time delivery
✅ Zero plagiarism
✅ SEO-focused content writing services
✅ Professional communication from the word go
✅ Highly researched and well-crafted content piece
✅ Tailored, cost-effective, and customizable content packages for businesses of any scale

They also have a unique section on their website, which helps and educates businesses and budding content writers about the reality of quality content writing.

Have a look at their website to experience one of the commendable business services for your enterprise.

Website –

Email –

2. Content Whale

As the name hints about the organization’s stature, Content Whale is one of India’s biggest content writing agencies. You can get an idea of the versatile nature of the company as they offer 42 content writing services.

They have a team of 20 editors and 100 skillful writers fully equipped to handle any project requirement easily.

They have a vast network of clients across 15+ countries. They have vast experience in the content writing industry and are focused on delivering the best for their clients.

3. Textuar

Textuar is another leading content services provider in the country with the vision of delivering valuable quality content for its clients. It provides a plethora of content writing services ranging from social media content to website content, from email copies to ad copies, and a lot more.

They have a great professional workflow that enables the client to access their desired results within no time easily.

They also have great customer support and a revision process. If you feel something’s off with their content, you can always get in touch to revise the content piece.

4. ContentHolic

A B2B focused content provider, ContentHolic gives stiff competition to all the leaders in the content writing industry. It has a professional team of writers and editors that create enticing and quality content day in and day out.

They use some premium tools to ensure that the content is SEO-focused, well written, and 100% unique. With a decent amount of experience in the industry, the ContentHolic team guarantees you professionalism.

5. Lexiconn

Leaving a significant mark in the industry and one of India’s earliest players in the content writing space, Lexiconn has been helping businesses achieve their content marketing goals since 2009.

They have worked on numerous projects both in India and overseas. To maintain a reputation in the industry, they have progressed and polished their work a lot since they started. You can expect top-notch quality content tailored according to your business requirements easily and quickly.

6. Wordplay Content

Serving top eCommerce brands in India as their clientele, Wordplay Content has solidified its position in the industry since its introduction 15 years ago. They use AI tools to craft content for businesses across India.

With a lot of experience in the industry, they certainly know what works for a client and what doesn’t. Pouring all their experience, they also help clients to craft complete content marketing strategies.

7. Justwords

A Gurgaon-based company started in 2010, Justwords has excelled in content writing by curating exceptional SEO-focused content pieces for businesses across India. They are now working to cater some big deals globally to expand and to stand out from the rest of its competitors on the list.

8. Witty Pen

Witty Pen is one of the innovative content service providers with a great team of writers and editors who make content writing simple and easy.

The company provides impressive storytelling copies and is great at handling technical requirements. The way they handle content writing projects is one of the highlighting features of Witty Pen.

9. Content Connects

Content Connects is one of the pioneers when it comes to crafting business-oriented content for multiple marketing purposes. They are focused on providing all-around solutions for business-facing content issues.

Specialized in error-free, well-researched content copies, they are someone who you can trust with all your content requirements.

10. Pepper Content

A Bangalore-based content writing service provider, Pepper Content has become one of the largest content marketplaces in the country. They have partnered with over 45000 content creators to ensure they don’t disappoint clients with their deadlines.

With over 1000 brands under their clientele, they provide impressive content writing solutions to established brands, SMEs, and startups.

This wraps up the list of some of the elite content writing services in India.  Get in touch with the brand you think fits your content requirement.

Tips to Choose The Best Content Writing Agency


One of the most important, yet most underrated metrics you should keep in mind while choosing one of the best content writing firms in India for your content requirement is how easy it is to communicate with them.

Communication includes their simplified process of ordering content services and their quick response to get in touch with you as soon as you ping them with your requirements.


You also need to consider their previous work and which type of businesses the agency has worked with in the past. Going through the testimonials helps to understand the overall work ethics of the content service providers.

It tells how strict they are with their deadlines and the scale of work they can manage.


Pricing is a differentiating factor whenever making a decision. We all want the best price and optimum results. You need to look out for companies where you can customize your package according to your requirements.

If any company has tailored some special content writing plans for businesses, you should look out for them.


A stand-out point for any business association is how professionally the other venture operates and treats its clients. You’ll get a fair idea about that from the look and feel of their website, the first communication, and of course, sometimes by word of mouth.

If you want to make your audience fall in love with your brand, you need to associate with a brand that values client satisfaction and feels the same for your content as you feel for your company.

FAQs About Hiring a Content Writing Agency 

What is a content writing agency?

A complete content writing agency is your solution to all your content marketing requirements. No matter what you want to achieve in the internet world, you need content to engage with the audience. From SEO-focused articles to emails, from ad copies to video scripts, from website content to sales pages, a content writing agency can help you craft any content handling the planning, writing, and editing part.

Should you hire content writers or outsource content to an agency?

With the changing customer needs and marketing strategies, having a wide range in your content is necessary. If we compare hiring to outsourcing, today’s business content requirements are such that outsourcing sounds like a more idealistic way to fulfill them.

There are many reasons. First, you save all the money, energy, and time involved in hiring an in-house team. Second, you get your requirements fulfilled without taking note of every minute of the project. Thirdly, you get a professional team who can handle your every minute and complex content requirement.

What are the charges for getting content done?

Content charges in India differ from freelance to fully-fledged content writing agencies. If you need to achieve your business goals, you should associate with a brand with experience and a team of professionals handling your content requirement. If we talk about content charges for different content writing companies, here’s a chart for that.

Level    Experience Blog Post    Web Content Emails / Ad copies
Entry 0-1 yrs 0.50 – 0.75 0.50 – 0.75 0.5-1.0
Intermediate 1-5 yrs 0.75 – 1.50 1.50 – 3.50 2.00-5.0
Expert 5+ yrs 2.00 – 5.00+ 4.00 – 7.00+ 5.0-10.0+

But if you have a long-term content requirement, you can get tailored content writing places at unmatchable price brackets from companies like Apna Writer.

What is a fully managed content solution?

A fully managed content solution covers all the standard content planning, curation, editing, and delivery processes. Only content writing agencies can deliver you fully managed content solutions with no hiccups.

Can I get a free content sample?

Yes, at Apna Writer, you can get pre-written, original samples to test the writing style and the professionalism of the work done. You don’t need to worry about the content format, just put in your request, and you’ll get your desired samples.

What types of content can we order for our business?

You have multiple options, and it’s all based on your marketing strategy. You can order content pieces like emails, video scripts, ad copies, blog articles, ebooks, whitepapers, website copies, press releases, product descriptions, and much more.

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