Why Product Descriptions Are Important for an eCommerce Store?

Why Product Descriptions Are Important for An eCommerce Store (1)

Do you own an e-commerce store?

Do you know, what is the heart and soul of any eCommerce business?


Yes, you read it right

Product descriptions are an important aspect of any eComm store.

This is the weapon that can:

  • Increase your product sales
  • Skyrocket your profits and,
  • Boost your ROI

Now, you might think HOW is this possible?

Let’s take for example this blog as an eComm store. What we did with the title of the blog post was to entice a specific target audience to click on this article.

Then, we grabbed your attention by discussing the various benefits of having a well-written product description of your eComm store. The prime objective while writing a product description for an e-commerce store is to drive attention to your product.

The vision is to make the product descriptions as eye-catching as possible.

So, as an eComm store owner, your mission is to make the customers click on the “BUY NOW” button and generate sales.

But how can you do it?

Unlike a real-life sale, we cannot tell customers what to buy.  We cannot manually HIGHLIGHT the great features that a particular product has if the customer is still doubtful.

We can only PERSUADE them with a tactfully written product description that does the TALKING, which we’d otherwise done ourselves.

“So what do we do in this?”

If you’re wondering how to write product descriptions that sell and why product descriptions for eCommerce are very important, let’s dive deeper and find a concrete solution! 🙂

Let’s Get Down To The Basics

Online, the customer retention span is very low.

The customers have limited time and we cannot misuse it or else they’ll abandon your product and move onto something else.

Or in the worst-case scenario, buy your competitor’s product.

But, being online, we have a chance to INFLUENCE the customers.


The words we otherwise would have spoken are transcripted into written words. So we cannot overlook the importance of product description in this.

Another reason product descriptions are important for an Ecomm store is because of its SEO benefits! If you cannot write a clear but detailed, concise but comprehensive product description, your products can never rank in the search engine.

And that way, your potential customers may not ever be able to find the products, the exact products that you sell!

If your product is optimized with a fitting product description, it has a better chance of ranking in Google and others come up in the online search results.

And with a proper product description, your eCommerce store has a greater chance of becoming the best seller of that product.

Just imagine:

You have an eComm store where you sell cookers in the Kitchenware category and you write the key features of the cooker; the price range and other key aspects.

But, you forget to mention that it’s MICROWAVABLE.

Here, the USP of this kitchenware is that it is microwavable, so your product must describe this key feature.

Since most of us now have a microwave and prefer cooking in that, this product has a greater chance of ranking in the search if someone searches for “Microwave cooker.”

Here, you must use the exact word, “microwave cooker” in your product description as this makes it SEO friendly product description!

Now that we’ve established the importance of product descriptions, and how integral it is for your eComm store, let’s talk about some quick tips on how you can write powerful product descriptions for an eCommerce store.

Relevant Product Title 

The headline of your product should be enough to introduce the online shopper to your product. Clearly and objectively. Don’t include fancy words or flowery adjectives in the product’s title as it becomes misleading.

Be as true to the product’s true usability as possible or else you’ll lose the customer.

If you add unnecessary adjectives highlighting the product which the customer buys and then returns, it’ll be a loss of your time and energy so it’s advisable to state the product’s genuine quality.

Suppose the product is a 100% cotton t-shirt for men, in white color, and is available in multiple sizes. You can write – “Your Brand Name” Men’s White T-shirt, 100% Cotton.

What you shouldn’t write: Comfortable men’s white t-shirt with 100% cotton from “your brand name” The second one is unnecessarily long, not engaging, and misleading. You cannot presume that it is comfortable or not to the customer so omit that adjective.

Visually Appealing

After the title, the next thing the customer looks for is the image of the product. Make sure it’s visually appealing.

The photo should be of HD quality. And not only that, once the photo is good, make sure even the textual factor correlates.

Make sure the photo relates to the product’s description. Include all the important features, materials, and components.

Also, highlight the part on how to care and other similar instructions about it. In the detailed product description, make sure you include information about your brand, its USP, which should specifically highlight why your brand is different and how it differs from competitors.

Productive Call-To-Actions

Every bullet point in your product’s description should highlight a subtle CTA. That’s the secret ingredient while writing a successful product description for eCommerce.

Also, adding a personal touch while writing a description is always a good idea.

Crafting A Converting eCommerce Product is Simple

Apart from all the above, make sure while writing a product description for an eCommerce store, you highlight the price of your product.

Prices can sometimes act as a USP too, so make sure it’s highlighted. Highlight the urgency factor as well if your product is in high demand.

Make sure you include all the additional information and important aspects. Also, featuring the relevant reviews and feedback about the product can come in handy. Positive comments also increase the product’s visibility and make it more SEO friendly.

Your eComm Store Is Ready For Some Serious Boost

We hope you now realize the importance of product description for eComm stores and how you can make any product a best-seller when done correctly online!

You just need to implement all your knowledge and do some relevant changes to make your product descriptions more converting.

But writing product descriptions for every product can be a tiresome and hectic job.

So, in that case, you have another option.

You can hire professional eCommerce copywriters from Apna Writer to help you make persuasive descriptions that get you instant orders! through our eCommerce product description writing service,

We have years of expertise in writing content for eCommerce stores, so it will be an easy task for our writers to handle your work. If you still have any doubts, you can write that down in the comments below, we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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