How To Write Catchy And Noticeable Headlines On Social Media

creating good headlines for social media

Astonishingly, headlines can make or break your marketing efforts on social media. Considering that there are millions of stories flowing through them every day, standing out is a significant huddle for marketers. And social media users quickly dismiss content that comes with weak headlines. To them, the material is as good as the headline.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to gather substantial traffic to your site – try using catchy and noticeable headlines. However, everybody has their opinion of what works and what doesn’t. But luckily for you, here is a list of tips that are tried and tested by marketing professionals.

Use numbers to attract eyeballs.

Headlines that have numbers work like a charm. For example, you can start with the numeral followed by a short explanation like, “5 Tips to Write a Quick Blog Article.” Notice how the writer indicated number five? That’s how social media users like it. So, ignore any suggestions by the text editor to change it into words.

A headline like “48 Significant Social Media Facts, Figures, and Statistics Plus 7 Infographics” is not attractive at all. In fact, it sends a message to the reader that you are trying to outsmart them. There are chances that the information behind that headline is credible and well written, but it will attract only a handful of traffic.

Simplicity and Clarity.

A good headline goes straight to the heart of the topic. After reading the title, the reader should know what to expect from the rest of the article. So, the post will attract only interested individuals to your site and reduce the bounce rate significantly. There is no recommended length for a headline but preferably, use short and catchy titles.

Besides simplicity and clarity, you need to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. People have high expectations of you, and silly mistakes make you look bad. The point here is to bring in quality traffic; people who you can easily convert.

How is User Going to Benefit?

Have you met any of the reader’s expectations in the content? If you have, use the benefit as the headline along with keywords and a number. But before you arrive at this point, you’ll need to do extensive research on keywords and new trends in your niche. That way, you’ll keep tabs on what potential clients want to know, then meet that demand.

For best results, avoid promoting your products and services too often. You need to share other people’s posts and participate in conversations interchangeably. As a result, you’ll increase brand awareness and give people the illusion of reliability, availability, and professionalism.

Burst the Myths.

There is no better way of grabbing attention than bursting a myth. Through extensive research, you can find a common myth in your niche. Then decipher it at length while giving credible information to support your claims. But topics like religion and culture are better left alone. They may bring in tons of traffic, but for the wrong reasons. So stay relevant and helpful to your audience.


Are you running short of ideas for the next headline? Refer to the FAQs. Social media requires daily updates, and that could be a problem for many businesses that do not have enough resources. The advantage of using a topic picked from FAQs is that you’ll interest some people. But that depends on the headline, quality of text, and visuals used in the post.

To be honest, few people visit the FAQ on the website. Therefore, only die-hard followers might notice that you reused content from your site. But the bigger picture here is staying active on social media. You can also use these tips while creating ad copies for your campaigns.

Negative Headlines.

Usually, negative headlines attract a ton of reactions and comments. According to researchers, headlines with negative superlatives bring in more traffic than those with positive ones. But those with zero superlatives were at the bottom of the list. So, what makes the negative headlines popular? The short answer is their power to bring out the reader’s emotion. Naturally, people want to hear the juicy stuff.

But there is a catch, do not point out the mistakes and weak points of your competitors. You’ll end up creating brand awareness for them, and they will not return the favor. Therefore, stick to general topics that support your marketing efforts.

Test Before Posting.

After deciding on your headline, you can run it through a grammar checker and headline analyzer. The grammar checkers point out any errors while a headline analyzer rates your title. Using these tools, you can be confident that your content is of good quality.

In short, a headline determines the success of your content. Catchy and noticeable titles increase your traffic exponentially, and so does the ROI. These seven tips will guide you on how to stand out from your competitors, and direct traffic to your business blog in the process.

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