Copywriting Cost: How Much Does a Copywriter Charges In India?

Copywriting Cost How Much Does a Copywriter Charges In India content writing services

Are you looking for the best copywriting services in India?

Should you hire an expert or outsource your copywriting requirements to a professional service provider?

Before you take any further steps, are you aware of India’s copywriting industry’s pricing standards? Well, don’t worry. We got you covered. But before we jump on that, we have something to share with you.

As per research, the entire content writing industry will be around USD 270 billion in 2024, and copywriting is one of the integral parts of the content industry.

Copywriting is the art of selling through the power of written words. It’s about triggering emotions in the reader’s mind and enticing them to take an action.

And not every writer has the ability to do so. Copywriting is a highly valued and creative skill; that is why hiring a copywriter is expensive compared to hiring a content writer.

Along with the intention between the two, there are a lot of differences when it comes to writing content compared to writing copy. This is why there’s a difference between the pricing.

But you need to be aware of the industry copywriting pricing so that you don’t get tricked into paying a price above the industry standard.

So without further ado, let’s get the learning started.

How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

Copywriting is used in most of the online marketing goals like:

  • Advertisements and product descriptions
  • Video scripts
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Emails

It’s omnipresent in the online world, and you can’t underestimate its value for your business.

If you have ever read an email and clicked on a button or link inside it, or if you have ever clicked on an ad you saw over social media, or if you have ever bought something online after reading the product descriptions, you have already been impacted by copywriting.

Just like there are different use cases of copywriting, the price brackets range differently for different content formats depending on your business goals.

The average website copywriting prices range from USD 25 to 25,000 for individual pages. The price remains the same when it comes to SEO copywriting.

The price is between USD 25 to 350 per ad copy for ad copies.

And for emails, the range is between USD 35 to $2000 per email.

And how much do Indian copywriters charge?

Converting into INR, the price bracket is around 1,875 to 18,75,000 per page.

For emails, INR 1,875 to 26,250.

For ad copies INR 1,875 to 1,50,000.

Now that you have an idea about the range of copywriting prices in India, you might be wondering about the two extremes in costs.

Actually, the broad price range depends upon multiple factors like the experience, skills, and background of the copywriter or the copywriting agency.

Let’s discuss all the factors that play a significant role in deciding the pricing of the copywriting project.

Factors Affecting Copywriting Charges In India

There can be many other relevant factors that you might come across that can affect the copywriting charges in India. But with all our experience in the content writing industry, we have listed these major ones:

Length of The Page

The length of the page is a vital factor that can decide the pricing of the entire copywriting project.

It requires excellent skills and experience to create long but enticing and converting sale pages compared to a small email or ad copy.

The longer the page, the harder it gets to hold the visitor’s attention. Proper use and positioning of the copywriting frameworks, trigger words, and other essential factors must be checked across the page to make the visitor slide through the entire page towards your CTA.

So the length of the page is directly proportional to the charges of your copywriting requirements.

Research Required

Research is another essential factor that can decide the pricing of the project. No doubt, for any copywriting project, research is the core ingredient, but for different niches or industries where the research becomes difficult, the price increases.

You can provide and assist your copywriting associates with your research work to ease their job and hence negotiate the prices, as you have reduced their work.

Strict Deadlines

Besides the technical elements, strict deadlines can increase the project’s pricing. If you want your project to be finished at the highest priority, you must pay a higher price for the particular service.

With the limited no. of quality copywriters in the country, you need to adjust to the timings of your copywriting service providers or freelancers. If not, it can trigger the project price to shoot up.

Additional Requirements

If you have some additional requirements like if you need the copywriting service providers to create ad creatives or plan out the design of sales pages, among others, that can also directly increase the project cost.

These were some major factors that affect the pricing of your custom project requirements. Now you have two options, either go with freelancers or choose a dedicated third-party copywriting agency.

Being in the copywriting industry for 5 years and serving over 300 clients, we have some solid points for you to look at.

Freelance Copywriters Vs. Copywriting Agencies

For small and one-page requirements, you can choose a quality freelancer.

But if you have an essential and bulk requirement, we would suggest you associate with the copywriting agency. Here’s why:

No Compromise On The Quality

You need error-free and enticing copies to attract viewers to take a specific action and have a higher conversion rate.

Associating with a copywriting agency, you get a team of expert and skilled copywriters and editors who ensure the premium quality of your copies.

On the contrary, a freelancer is a team of one, so it becomes difficult to maintain the quality, as well as quantity.

Full Commitment

If you hire a freelancer, you don’t get 100% commitments to complete your project because you don’t have any customer support or office address.

But with a copywriting agency, you get reliability and credibility to get things done in time. An agency will not compromise its reputation to run away with your advances and project details.

The Capability of Handling Significant Projects

You get the ability to handle big projects only with a copywriting agency. A team can streamline the flow of your project and complete it within the promised time.

Freelancers are incapable of completing projects which demand both quality and quantity.

This wraps up our learnings on the copywriting pricing, factors affecting those prices, and who should you associate with: freelancers or copywriting agencies.

Now it’s time for you to choose.

Make A Well-informed Decision

Copywriting is the key arsenal in your marketing ammunition that can help you deliver results effectively.

You can boost sales, increase brand awareness, solidify your customer base and outshine your competitors. But for that, you need top-notch copywriting experts behind your back, either freelancers or a team of professionals.

We at Apna Writer have a tailored solution for all your copywriting requirements.

With limited no. of quality copywriters in the country, we have associations with the top freelance talented copywriters and also have a team of experienced in-house copywriters.

If you have a small copywriting requirement, we can get your work done with the help of a professional freelancer. But if you want quality and quantity packaged copies, our team of experts got you covered.

Our expert editors thoroughly check every content piece delivered to you by Apna Writer so that your brand publishes only polished and premium copies.

If you are still not sure about outsourcing your work, read this article.

We offer highly customized prices for special requirements. Get in touch with our experts for further discussion.

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