How to Find Topic Ideas For Your Next Blog Posts

How to Find Topic Ideas For Your Next Blog Posts

It was his ‘Blog Writing’ day.

Harish was all excited about it. He had a lot of ideas that he wanted to write about. In fact, he had cleared his schedule to focus just on writing his next blog post.

He logged into his system and opened up his text editor. But then, half an hour passed and Harish was still staring at the empty document.

The screen was staring back at him in return (without blinking) 😶

Harish was just sitting there, clueless, about what to write. And now even a little worried too.

Has anything similar ever happened to you?

We presume the reason you’ve landed on this blog is because it has. Sometimes, you run out of ideas and keep thinking about what to write, isn’t it?

Well, you are not alone.

There have been so many instances where we feel the urge to write about something but just can’t. Many times, ideas pop out of the brain when driving, gardening, showering, eating, or doing some random stuff.

And at that instant, they seem so convincing that we keep them in mind until we reach the keyboard and hands itching to write about that idea, but then suddenly we face the writer’s block.

Harish was so confident about what he was supposed to write, but then a thought popped out:

“Hey? This might already be written by someone out there. Thousands must have already read and understood what I am going to write.”

And the thought that it might not be unique and original, made him brush off that idea.

But having written many articles since a few years one thing we can tell you confidently is:


Yes, and we are not bluffing it as there are a lot of sources open to us.

We only need to know them and use them to create content out of our very own experience and perspective towards life and things.

We assure you that if you stick till the end, you’ll never run out of ideas for your next blog posts.

So let’s begin:

1. Google Alerts

Today’s age can be called the google age. From the slightest navigation to unknown topics, every question ends up with a google search.

Then how could google miss out on the idea’s part?

Using Google’s free tools like Google Alerts and Google Trends, you can never run out of ideas.

Using Google Alerts for Blog Post Ideas

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a content detection and notification service. Just type in the topics you want to write about and turn on the notification alert.

Now whenever that topic comes up in places like on online publications, articles, blogs, or scientific research, etc, Google will send you an email.

Voila – not only can you write about that topic of your interest, but you’ll also get to know what the world is talking about as well.

Just use your creative mind, combine it with some research using Google Alerts, and you can easily create your next blog post.

Isn’t it cool?

And, coming to Google Trends, you can enter a search query and understand its trend all around the world.

It provides you with filters like selecting a country, for a specific period, for a particular category, in different types of Google Searches.

Here’s an example:

Finding Topics

Looking for more ideas

Imagine the success your content can get just through this one tool.

But these two are not the only sources of inspiration for blog topic ideas. Let’s talk about the others as well.

2. TED Talks or Podcast

TED Talks need not only be motivational and inspirational. Think it this way: TED Talks always carry a specific story and tone. Why not make use of it for your next blog?

Listen to the podcasts of TED Talks genres that interest you and which are related to your industry. Jot down the points you liked and mark out things that you know and can write freely about, with a little research.

There you go – you now have a ready to publish idea.

3. Review Highest Performing Blogs

Another very trending way to generate topic ideas is to review high performing blogs of your industry.

Since everything has pros and cons, take some ideas from pro points of the high performing blogs, try to overcome the cons in your work, and congratulations. You just created something flawless.

4. Browse Your LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is where the real work happens. As mentioned by developers of the app, it is mainly developed for professional networking.

So make sure you join relevant groups and gather ideas about what’s trending and what the latest updates are.

Use that information to create something valuable for your target audience.

5. Comments Section

Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, the comment’s section is the best way to generate topic ideas for your next blog.

You might think about how?

It is because the comments section has a variety of opinions, arguments, and perspectives from people all over the world. Comments on a highly popular blog are from real people who have a strong opinion about something.

You can choose the ones that align with your perspective and can make good use of that while writing.

The few best things you can pick up from the comments sections are the real problems, pain points, and questions that people are seeking answers to.

Note them down, do some research, and address them in your next blog post.

6. Survey

Surveys build authenticity and help you gather real-time data. This helps you assess the opinions and points of view of others.

So do a quick survey about your industry and find out what’s really happening around.  Use the results of the survey to find the next blog post idea you should write about.

Tip: You can present the results of the survey through charts or other graphics in your blog content. This will position you as someone credible and trustworthy, who has done his research well before sharing it with the world.

7. Repurpose And Republish

Sometimes you can also tweak a blog post you’d already written and then republish it. Keeping the core idea of the previous article the same, try to update the post with new facts or figures.

It’s more like an upgrade.

This turns out to be the easiest strategy of all for creating content about a topic. And FYI, Google prefers and ranks new content, even if the old content is published by an authority.

So make sure to take full advantage of this strategy.

8. Use your USP to Your Advantage

Yes, you can write a blog post about your business/startup/organization as your next blog post as well.

This also becomes your USP and differentiates you from your competitor in the market.

9. Interviews

If you interview an emerging industry influencer, who has a good follower base and readership, anything you post about them has the chances to go viral, while giving your brand a boost in return.

10. Marketing Tips

Be it any industry, all the businesses have their unique and different marketing tactics and approach to reach their audience.

Every business’s model is different, no matter if they are in the same industry, so make a story out of it and publish it in your next blog post.

11. Questions and Answers

People with questions can become the source of ideas for creative and informative writers.

As the person is confused and looking for a solution, if you can address some burning questions of these confused minds, they will surely return to you for more. We told you, there is no dearth of topics to write about…

Now you know where to look for inspiration and what all kinds of content you can write.

But what if you still face a problem?🤔

Like, lack of time for research and writing.

If that is a problem you are struggling with, leave the task of creating blog posts to us.😌

At Apna Writer, with a dedicated team of writers and editors, we are well equipped to handle all verticals of blog posts. You can go through our article writing service section and download our content samples.

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And then you are good to go for ordering SEO friendly, reader-friendly, highly engaging, super valuable blog posts for your business in no time.

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