7 Important Tools That You Would Need to Create & Sell Ebooks

How to Create and Sell Ebooks

Ebooks are one of the most engaging digital products, aren’t they?

So many people create Ebooks to share their knowledge and expertise with others. With the increasing use of digital products, the Ebook market is also growing at an amazing rate.

As per Statista, revenue in the Ebooks segment amounts to US$16,4401m in 2020. This indicates the huge growth in this segment and if you are someone who wants to share your knowledge through Ebooks and earn some bucks then this post is surely for you.

Ebooks became much popular as companies started to distribute them in order to get some leads. All they want is some method to get connected with potential customers. And while signing up for the freebies users provide them with their emails or phone numbers allowing them to connect with them.

They are used not only as leads but some people are earning great revenue by selling quality Ebooks. Even some companies are based on selling digital books in the market.

You can choose a topic that people are interested to know about and create an engaging Ebook around the topic. Like if you are into Digital marketing, then you can create an Ebook on Social Media Marketing and sell it with the help of different methods like paid ads, email marketing, etc.

We also launched our Content Marketing Ebook recently it got a lot of attention on social media. We were getting a lot of questions asking about the process of creating such an Ebook. Thus, we are here with this article showing some important tools to create and sell informative ebooks.

So, let us get started with the list:

1. Quora

You might be wondering why we included Quora in the tools for creating Ebooks right? Before starting the process to create an Ebook you should choose a topic that people actually want to read. Creating something that doesn’t have enough audience will not help you in any way.

Head up to Quora and search for any Seed Keyword like “Content Marketing“. Select the topic option from the suggestions and go through the questions that people are asking.

Note down some of the most common problems that people are facing in that specific topic. They will be the building block of your Ebook and you also know the fact that people do want solutions for that.

2. Google Doc

We used Google Doc for writing down the Ebook from scratch. You can use any tool of your choice to write down complete content for your Ebook. It is always good to write down the content in a portable tool so that if you are working with your team, you can collaborate easily.

Google Doc allows you to share your documents with your teammates and all of you can work together. It also has an in-built writing assistant that would surely help you in writing without any mistakes.

3. Content-Kart

Not everyone has got an amazing team of writers on their side. That is where Content-Kart comes into the picture and provides companies a platform to order content in few simple and easy steps.

If you don’t have a team of writers to create content for your Ebook then you can connect with Content-Kart. We have a team of professional Ebook writers that you can hire to get your content ready. You can also create a team of freelance writers and can assign them the content writing work later as per your requirements.

4. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular drag and drop graphic designing tools. It is very helpful in creating graphics and we used it to design our ebook which got so much praise from our audience. You can move to Canva and choose to select a custom design with the dimensions as 650 pixels width and 900 pixels height.

After that, you can design the Ebook as per your needs and requirements. Here is a guide for you to learn the basic designing skills: Design Ebooks with Canva

5. Elementor

Elementor is a drag and drop website builder used as a plugin in WordPress. Most of you have already heard about WordPress as a content management system that allows people to create blogs and websites. Elementor makes it a lot better by allowing people in designing web pages with pre-built elements.

Are you thinking about its uses for your ebook?

We use Elementor in designing the landing page for our Ebook. By having a landing page you can showcase a lot about the Ebook including its content structure, testimonials, guidelines, etc. Landing pages can increase the conversion rates up to much extent.

You can check out their official blog for the tutorial on creating a landing page with Elementor.

6. Instamojo

You would surely need a payment gateway for selling the Ebook online. Instamojo is a good choice if most of your audience would be from India. If you are focusing on other countries too then you can also look for a good alternative which is Gumroad.

They are quite popular Payment gateways with lower transaction charges. Ebooks are not priced much so you should look for a payment gateway with less transactional fees. Instamojo also has the facility to create an online store and upload your digital products.

You would not need to send the Ebooks one by one and the process will be handled by Instamojo itself.

7. Promotional Tools

Selling Ebooks needs some promotional tools as the market is becoming competitive day by day. You would need to reach your target audience in one or the other ways to pitch them with your digital product. There can be different ways of doing this and below are some of the important tools that you can use:

Facebook Groups: So many people ignore the power of Facebook groups when it comes to selling products and services. We are not suggesting you spam the groups with your Ebook’s links. Instead, be an active member, provide value, and share the Ebook to people that would be interested in getting the Ebook.

Email Marketing: If you have got some email subscribers then you can use email marketing to spread words about your Ebook. Mailchimp is a good tool to start with as it provides a free plan with 2,000 subscribers as a limit. Make sure that you have acquired those emails through some ethical ways.

Affiliate Marketing: If you are selling your Ebook through Instamojo then you can have affiliates on your side. Affiliates are the people that promote a certain product and get a commission for each sale. Announce it on your social media that anyone can become an affiliate for you and see your sales growing.

Paid Ads: This is only suggested if you are charging a better amount for your product. Usually, ebooks are priced very low and thus it will not be beneficial for you to run ads for it. Though paid ads require a small investment you can get a good return over your ad spend after making enough sales.

So, these were some important tools that you would be needing to create killer Ebooks. We hope that you got enough value out of this post and you can share your feedback in the comments section.



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