Email Marketing Tips To Win Back Abandoned Cart Sales

“Abandoned Cart”

This simple term is the reason businesses lose the whopping US $4.6 trillion every year.

Let us call it “dreaded abandoned cart” instead, for the damage it is causing to businesses all over the world.

According to recent research, abandoned cart rates are around 50-80%.

Being a business owner, you might have experienced this and have lost a great chunk of revenue.

How to rectify this situation?

How to recoup all the lost revenue?

Answer: Email Marketing

Effective email marketing is one of the best ways to win back abandoned cart sales.

Implement the following tips to recover the abandoned cart sales:

Get Back to the Abandoners ASAP

The way you do it is by setting up an email campaign for people who have abandoned their shopping cart.

Create a sequence of emails that:

  • Reminds them about the abandoned cart
  • Follows up with them in case of inactivity
  • Offer them lucrative deals or discounts if they don’t purchase even after following up

Tip: Try to reach out to your audience within an hour, it will give you more positive results.

Killer Subject Lines Work Wonders

Even after setting up a perfect abandoned cart campaign, chances are people don’t even open your emails.

So in order to ensure a good opening rate for your emails craft relevant, benefit-driven, and catchy subject lines.

💡 Tip: Triggering important human emotions can help increase the email opening rate. Higher the open rate, the higher the possibility of people buying what they left in the first place.

Write Effective Email Copy With An Actionable CTA

After opening up your abandoned cart email, you need people to come back to your site and buy what they left.

You need an impactful email copy in your email sequence to achieve that.

So, highlight the benefits of the product or the offer and include a scarcity or urgency-driven CTA to get them to click on the site.

So are you ready to increase revenue from your abandoned carts?

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