Most Useful Tools For Technical Writing

Without the best tools, you can’t deliver the best results.

So, when we talk about one of the most famous writing forms – technical writing, one can’t master this art, without using world-class tools.

There are many essential tool requirements according to different technical writing projects, but a few important ones are a must.

Disclaimer: Different technical writers might suggest different useful tools for technical writing. The tools suggested in this post are the ones that technical writers at Apna Writer use day-in, day-out for our clients.

With over 5 years of experience, we have delivered highly successful results for our clients using these tools. So all these tools are time-tested and result-oriented.

Let’s begin the list:


Providing authentic proof for explanation is a core ingredient in technical writing.

Screenshots help writers to solve the purpose.

And which is the best tool for that?


Our writers have tried and tested various other tools but this is one of the most seamless and effective tools for taking screenshots. It also helps us to capture audio outputs and video displays.

Let’s check what’s best for actual writing:

Google Doc

A Google product can’t escape our list.

Some might prefer Microsoft Word but in this online world, where everything should be just one click away, Google Doc is one of the finest software to craft excellent technical copies.

This amazing tool allows writers to share the doc with our editors. Editors can then either make suggestions or directly edit the article, post comments for the writers, and a lot of other stuff.

All this helps to simplify the entire publishing process. The final copy is then shared with the client, and BOOM purpose served.

But how do we check the authenticity of the technical copy?


A powerful tool from the house of Adobe.

It is an online documentation tool used by professional technical writers. A user can also create online help systems for web-based applications and desktops using this tool.

One last important technical writing tool we use is:


Grammarly is the perfect tool for any technical writer. It ensures there are no typos, punctuation mistakes, writing voice discrepancies, and many other benefits.

Moreover, when it comes to enhancing visual appeal in technical documentation, leveraging tools like Adobe Express photo maker can elevate the quality of illustrations and graphics, ensuring clarity and engagement for readers

So does your technical writer make use of these important tools? If not, hire somebody who does and boosts your technical content game.

There are only a few technical writers in India who deliver quality technical content. Many agencies make general content writers write technical content. You should understand that technical content is different than general content and thus you should only hire professional technical writers.

We at Apna Writer have niche-based and skill-based writers in our team. So, get technical content written from an actual content writer who knows all about your industry.

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