How Technical Writing Differ From General Content Writing

The art of writing encompasses various methods and forms.

It’s evolving. It’s not limited to one.

With the passage of time, there are two high in demand content writing forms that every other business in today’s online world uses.

Technical writing vs General content writing

But what’s the difference between these two?

People sometimes confuse both of them and think that generally content writing is always technical.

It’s not like that.

Today we’ll differentiate both writing art forms clearly.

Let’s draw a line between these two most famous forms of writing by discussing them separately:

Technical Writing

When a technical complex description is explained in detail using a simplified tone and words, it’s termed technical writing.

You may usually see technical writing in case of service or product descriptions elaborating all the technicalities of the subject.

The target audience of technical writing is versatile. It can be more aware or can be a layman eager to know something technical.

When it comes to the writer who’s writing the subject, they should have in-depth knowledge or expertise of the subject.

A technical writer should serve two purposes with his writing:

  • Sound professional to experts reading their content
  • Easy and understandable to the layman scanning through the content

Does general content writing differ from this completely?

Let’s find out.

General Content Writing

Let’s talk about the king in the jungle of online writing.

General blog articles, most of the content you read online, etc, are basically content writing.

The main purpose of content writing is marketing, either directly or indirectly.

What about the writers involved?

They need to be good in writing, i.e, having a good command of the language, and must be great in researching – a little less than Sherlock Holmes would do 😉

We at Apna Writer have a versatile team of professional technical writers.

We have technical writers who can mesmerize the expert audience and educate the layman.

And also, we have a team of content writers who are experts in researching, almost equivalent to Google spiders and crawlers bots.

So what does your business demand more, technical writing or just general content writing?

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