SEO Content Is Not Only About Keywords

Do you think SEO content is all about keywords?

Will just sprinkling high in-demand keywords, all over your content, make your website rank higher?

Do search engines only focus on keywords to decide if the content is well-optimized?

To all the questions, the answer is a BIG NO.

And in this post, we are going to talk about some factors of SEO content other than keywords.

But first, let’s understand this term carefully.

What is SEO content?

SEO content is the combination of two words:

SEO – means optimization of your website so that it can rank higher on the search engines.

Content – means the value or the information provided to the web users.

This implies that SEO content is all about creating valuable content that helps the target audience first, and eventually also increases website rankings by attracting search engine traffic.

Now that we know that content comes first and SEO later, let’s discuss various factors about SEO Content:

SEO Content Should Be Valuable

Your SEO content should provide some sort of value to the end-user.

It is always about the readers first, it should not be about stuffing keywords for enabling the search engines to rank your website at the top.

This used to be done in the early stages of the Search Engine Algorithms, but now the algorithms have become smart.

In fact, search engines like Google ask you to create content keeping your audience in mind, and if the audience finds it useful, Google will automatically rank it. Sometimes even higher than the competition, if your content provides more value and garners more engagement.

Choosing the Right Set of Words As Per The Audience

Apart from SEO keywords, you need to make the content on your website include the right set of words that your audience understands.

For example, You can’t include technical jargon for an audience who is unaware of the topic just for the sole purpose of ranking higher.

It will not do any good for your website.

Your content should be simple and easy to understand.

Once people understand and find your content valuable, everything will work in your favor, from increased audience engagement to ranking in search engines.

Answering Queries

People use search engines primarily for this one purpose:

Getting their queries answered.

And if your content answers your target audience’s questions and queries, search engines will prefer ranking your website for that query, in comparison to a competitor who hasn’t.

Sometimes your content might get ranked, even if it didn’t include all the major keywords in those answers.

Today the algorithms are so smart that they can understand the context and intent of your article even if you miss some keywords.

Now you can imagine how SEO article writing is more important than just the keywords.

Remember: Search Engines out there want to make the user experience for their users better, and if your content does that, along with good website SEO optimization, you don’t have to worry about keyword stuffing and other black hat techniques.

So, create high-quality content, provide value, solve problems, answer questions, make it simpler to understand, and reap the benefits of SEO.

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