Website Vs Funnel – Which One to Choose?

Are you someone who has just started with your online business?

Then, we’re sure that you might have come across these two terms; ‘sales funnels’ and ‘websites’

But, confused on what works better?

And which one should you choose for your business?
A website or a funnel? 🤔

But before we clear the confusion, let’s try to understand what these terms mean:


A sales funnel is essentially your customer’s journey from being aware of your product or service to becoming your customer.

Funnels take your customers in only one direction: towards making a sale.

They don’t have distractions like links to social media buttons, blog posts, or other similar pages.


Websites don’t inherently serve the same purpose as a funnel but are one-stop solutions to all the questions of your customers.

A website acts as a reference point for all your visitors while helping you generate traffic for your business through various means like SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, etc.

Your website is the place where your customers can know more about you, your business, or your industry.

Funnels Vs Websites: Which One Should You Choose?

The simple answer is… you need both!

Many online marketers might try to tell you only need one of them which is not true.🤷🏼‍♀️

Websites are the place that provides information about all sorts of things your customers want to know about you.
Whereas sales funnels are extremely targeted and are only meant for capturing leads and driving sales.

And for your business to be successful, you need to put both of them to use.

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