Steps to Increase Website Traffic Using Quora

Increase Website Traffic Using Quora(1)

What is Quora?

For a layman, it may be a simple question-and-answer social-media platform.

But there is something more to it…

When appropriately utilized, Quora is a goldmine for content creation and marketing.

And if you are not making use of Quora and its massive loyal traffic for your website, then you are missing out on big business.

If you are new to the platform, then increasing website traffic using Quora can get challenging. Once you understand how to write proper answers, the entire process to get traffic from there becomes very simple.

You just have to keep a few points in your mind when you are writing on Quora. Now let’s understand the importance of driving this traffic.

Why Driving Traffic From Quora is Essential for Your brand’s Website?

Firstly: Quora’s massive question-and-answer platform makes it easier for you to reach your potential customers or clients – because there is already a demand for that topic. So choose the topics you can ANSWER appropriately. It will help you position your brand better.

Secondly: By writing appropriate answers on Quora, you are backlinking them to your website, driving referral traffic.

It’s a fantastic way to get loads and loads of traffic to your website only if your answers are genuine and what the readers are looking for.

💡 Here’s a tip: Writing honest and detailed answers will differentiate you from the crowd.

Thirdly: Anyone can write.


You need not have any remarkable degree or area of expertise in your domain. You can start writing on Quora from today. It’ll build your credibility if your answers are appropriate. Just make sure the grammar and syntaxes are correct.

💡 Here’s a tip: Personal perspectives do the best in Quora. so make sure you mention that – even in technical writing. Most of the time, individual experiences answer the questions best!

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Actionable Steps to Drive Traffic from Quora

Familiarise yourself with Quora

When you first start using Quora, you can easily make out that this platform is a never-ending stream of content ideas. There are thousands of questions out there. Just search for the topic of your website/industry and start writing answers appropriately!

Positioning Your Brand Correctly

One of the essential aspects, before you write answers on Quora, is to make sure you fill in details about your profile; by including all information.

Mention all of your information about you and your brand/company like your name, website, and position. Adding some additional information like any publication where your website has been published or featured can be beneficial too!

All these will help you build your credibility on the platform.

Quora’s users want credible answers

It is essential to make sure you don’t make the readers question your authenticity when they are reading your answers. Having a fully detailed Quora profile makes it easier for people to trust your answers.

Mention your area of expertise. After you’ve written your details, make sure you answer your topic of interest/industry. A critical aspect while answering is to make sure you analyze the SEO aspect of it.

While hyperlinking to your phrase, make sure it is similar and relevant to your answer. Don’t just randomly hyperlink. If readers feel that your answers are right, they’ll navigate to your website and may even become your website’s loyal follower.

Subtly Put Your Call to Action In Your Answers

While answering questions on Quora, don’t forget that your primary reason for writing those answers is to make people take action. Actions like clicking on a link in the answer to drive traffic to your website, or upvoting your answer on Quora, or reply to it.

Whatever be the case, add in the CTA subtly so as to not make it feel pushy and salesy. For instance, add it somewhere to help the reader learn more about the question at hand.

Answer The Most Viewed Questions

Just like comments, reply to the most viewed questions as these questions are already in demand, and people follow them.

💡 Here’s a quick tip: Here is a very cool hack to follow; make sure you select a question that has at least 5 to 6 people followers before you answer.

Make People Want to Go to Wour Website

Don’t just write things for the sake of upvotes or views.
If the viewers scroll through your website after reading your post on Quora, and it did not meet their expectations, it will only increase your bounce rate.

So, don’t go for vanity’s sake. Write authentic answers.

Let’s Understand How You Can Write Answers On Quora

Writing Quora answers is simple. Just follow this check-list and make sure you get as detailed as you can while answering them:

  • Since there is no word limit, you can explore and go into as much detail as possible
  • Just make sure you don’t bore the readers. Be clear and crisp, even with the details
  • Make sure you beautify your answers. Properly written answers with images (or videos and GIFS) makes it appealing and keep the readers engaged with your response
  • Another great resource while writing Quora answers is to write in chronological order. Write, step-by-step method
  • Make sure you don’t deviate from your topic
  • Avoid complicated words. Use a conversational tone in your writing
  • It’ll be a great add-on if you hyperlink to some other useful information along with your website content

Driving Traffic From Quora Is Easy When You Write the Right Way!

There you go! You are now ready to boost your website traffic by using Quora. Aren’t you?

Make sure you follow all the actionable steps mentioned above while writing answers on Quora.

Quora is a great platform as it already has readers looking for answers. Having a presence on such a massive platform makes it a little easier to get to your target audience, which could be your unique selling point (USP) too! You’ll be doing what your competitors aren’t!

So explore Quora right now!

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We assure you that our team of writers can fulfill all your content needs. All you have to do is mention your details and the type of content you are looking for.

We would love to hear from you.

Are you answering on Quora? Did we miss any actionable steps while writing on Quora?

Let us know in the comments section below. 🙂

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  1. Is there any guide on ranking answers on Quora? I know the process to write quality answers and get traffic using Quora but many of my answers are not working good even when they are better than others. I would like to know more about the process of ranking Quora answers.

    1. The ranking of your Quora answer depends on multiple factors including the authority of your profile, topics that you have written answers on, your total answer views, and the content that you shared in that particular answer. So, do look at these factors while you write your next answer to get traffic from Quora.

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