Social Media Post Ideas For Digital Marketing Agencies

Social Media Post Ideas For A Digital Marketing Agency

There was a time when social media used to connect people to their friends. Tech-savvy teenagers sharing their personal moments was the dominant thing. It is still dominant.

But in addition to that, social media now also connects businesses to their customers.

There are companies that rely 100% on digital media for their sales, and then there are some companies that get only 5-10% sales from these mediums.

If you are a digital marketing agency, social media can become your perfect partner in boosting not just sales but also your brand. Here is a guide to tell you how to do that:

Why is Social Media Publishing Important?

Facebook has around 8 million active small and medium-sized businesses. If you are a digital marketing agency, this is good news for you. All these big numbers are actually your potential customers. If you manage to reach out to only a small portion of this number, your business is going to skyrocket.

But how exactly does a digital agency reach out to these businesses?

💡 The answer is Social Media Publishing.

What All Social Media Platforms to Choose?

Alright, by now, it is clear that social media publishing is important to reach out to businesses. Now the question arises: what social media platforms should a digital marketing agency choose? After all, not all platforms are equal, right?

Here is a quick summary of some social media platforms and why you should (or should not) choose them:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the social media of professionals. Since a digital marketing agency’s ideal followers are professionals, LinkedIn becomes a must-not-miss opportunity.

Twitter: Most executive-level professionals use Twitter to stay updated with the world. Also, it is the favorite social media platform for startup founders. So, if you want to get your brand in front of these people, be present on Twitter.

Facebook: This is the place where you can find people of every age, gender, like, and profession. The only problem with Facebook is that it’s hard to get an organic following on it these days.

Others: There are many big platforms left on this list, like Snapchat and Instagram. The average age of users on these platforms is lesser than that of the platforms mentioned above. So, it is advised that you jump on these platforms only when you have made a good presence on the other ones.

Social Media Post Ideas For Digital Marketing Agencies

You know that social media publishing is important, and you have also decided the channels you are going to publish on. But now the question is – what should a marketing agency post on social media?

Worry not. We have generated 18 easy-to-execute social media post ideas for digital marketing agencies. Pick any idea, and it will take only a few minutes to make the post and publish it. Take a look:

1. Quick Case Study

Everyone loves case studies as they showcase a real-world problem with a solution that worked. If you have got good results with any client’s work, share that on social media.

Publish a quick case study on what was the problem, what did you do to solve the problem, what worked, and what didn’t. This will help in building your credibility.

2. Explainers

Explain new trends or topics in your field. For example, you can explain why email marketing is trending again. This will send out a message to the potential clients that you know your work well.


3. Quick How-To-Do Posts

Instead of an in-depth explainer, you can share actionable steps on how to do a thing. Again, take the example of email marketing. Share in 4-5 steps how a small business can reach out to their customers through emails. You can also use carousel posts to do this.

The more you will educate your audience, the better connections you will be able to make.

4. Share User-Generated Content

If a follower left a funny and relevant comment on your post, share the screenshot. It encourages other people to leave smart comments on your posts.

You can also take questions from your comments and answer them in your next posts. This shows that you listen to your audience and work your best to provide them value.

And, if your agency also provides Digital Marketing classes then you can share the testimonials from different students.

5. Say Something About Your Company

If you have a good company culture, you have all the right to boast about it on social media. Or, if you have recently rolled out a good HR policy, you can share that. Recently many companies started offering period leaves to their female employees and shared this on their social accounts.

6. Share Your Achievements

Got any awards for your work? Or might it be a mention by a big name in your industry? Share such achievements on social platforms without any delay. This is another good way to build your agency’s credibility.


7. Polls And Questions Posts

Since your social media audience will mainly consist of your potential leads, you can also use social media to conduct mini-surveys. You can do polls or question posts to do that.

For example, you can ask in a poll about the digital marketing channel that small businesses struggle with the most. After the poll, you will know what solution to pitch most to the clients.

8. Blog Posts Links

Published an article on your agency blog? The easiest way to get traffic is by sharing the blog post link on your social accounts. Make sure to share informative and solution-oriented blog posts with your audience on a regular basis.

9. Reviews And Testimonials

Whenever a client gives a testimonial (even on email or even Whatsapp chat), share that on social media to show that you provide excellent services. Just make sure that you ask the client first if you can use their words as testimonials or not.

Sharing reviews and testimonials with your audience makes your agency trustworthy and credible. Also, it will be more impactful if you can get creatives designed under your brand identity for the testimonials. You can check out the example given below from Disruptive Advertising.


10. Thought-Leadership Posts

You can share a relevant quote by a popular name in your field or even by someone at your agency’s executive level. It will build your image as a thought leader in the industry.

Leadership post

11. Share Cool Statistics

Digital marketing statistics are always mind-boggling. Mostly they are in millions or even billions. You can share these statistics to prove that digital marketing is important. For example, you can share the average ROI of Google ads in the last year or the number of active users on a specific platform.

12. Promote Posts of Employees

You can also share relevant posts of your employees. If your agency is still small, it is good for transferring followers. Sharing their creative ideas, passions, projects they are working on, etc can boost their morale and thus would help both your organization and your employees.

And, here is how Ting decided to feature their employees:

13. Giveaways For Sharing or Commenting

It’s not necessary that you have to lose a lot of money for giveaways. You can create PDFs by yourself and share them in giveaways. Just ask your followers to share or comment on your post, and you’ll give away the ebook. This is a proven way to skyrocket engagement.

You can also ask the winners to create a video using an easy online video editor or an image with the gift they received. This would help your brand attract more eyeballs and can improve your brand presence in a long run.

14. Memes And More Memes

Everyone and their uncles know that memes and funny posts boost engagement. They can help your agency reach the masses as memes are the ones that usually get viral and thus bring a lot of attention to your brand So why not use them?

Just make sure you know how to handle the moment marketing as it can take a wrong direction too.

15. Share Celebrations

If your agency is celebrating 2 years anniversary of its inception or something on the same line, you can share it on your socials. This will humanize your brand, and people develop a sort of personal relationship with your brand.

16. Cross-Platform Sharing

Take a screenshot of your Twitter post and share it on Instagram or vice versa. It works best for transferring the audience. But remember not to overdo it.

17. Updates About Your Agency

Is your agency hiring for a post? Or you might be thinking of moving the office. You can share these updates to give a behind-the-scenes view to your followers. It creates a bond between you and your audience and also a sense of trust as you keep your audience updated about everything that you do.

Your audience will then be interested in knowing more about your organization and it can help in increasing engagement of your social media posts.

Sharing updates about your agency

18. Share Lead Magnets

There are hundreds of reasons to publish content regularly on Social Media channels. But, at the end of the day, your business needs leads and their conversion into paying customers to survive in the marketplace. Thus, sharing quality and valuable lead magnets every now and then can help you generate a good number of leads.

You just need to find a problem that people in your target audience usually face and then a simple product to guide them through to the solution.

Important Things to Keep In Mind

Acing the social media game can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. From generating the content ideas for social media posts to crafting the actual posts, a lot goes into the process. But thankfully, there are a few things that can save you from this stress:

Less is more: Do not rush to every social media platform at the start. When you are beginning your social media journey, less is more. Focus on a single platform first. And once you gain a good following there, take some of this audience to the other channel.

Execution over perfection: Do not polish a single social media post for hours in the name of perfection. If you do not have a dedicated social media team, just proofreading everything is good at the start. Over time, you will start getting good social media post ideas automatically.

Imitate, Imitate, and then innovate: It is okay to not generate ‘original’ ideas at the start. If you think some other brand is producing good content, you can take content ideas for social media posts from them. Do not plagiarize, but take the idea. After enough iterations, you will find it easy to develop original social media post ideas.

FAQs About Social Media Post Ideas

What is Social Media Publishing?

Social media publishing means putting out any piece of content on social media. It can be a text post, image, video, or a mixture of these things. Social media publishing is a good way to bring more clients to your business by attracting their attention.

Is it compulsory to publish content regularly on social media channels?

Yes. It is absolutely essential to publish content regularly on all of your social media channels. And there are two reasons for that. The first reason is that people tend to forget things/people/brands on social media. When you publish regularly, you make sure that you stay on top of your audience’s mind.

The second reason is that social media platforms reward you when you post regularly. From Twitter to Instagram, every social media platform boosts your reach when you publish regularly.

What not to publish on social media?

Any content that is misleading, not fact-checked, not-proofread, irrelevant to your audience should never be published on social media.

Apart from that, you should also keep in mind that a company’s social media account is not a personal account. So, be sure while publishing a piece of the content that it shows the company’s views and not an employee’s personal views.

Can I repurpose content from one social media platform to another?

Preferably, you should create original content for every social media platform. Instagram is different from Twitter not just in terms of the limit of words allowed to post, but also the audience. Also, it bores people who follow your brand on every platform when they see duplicate content.

You can still try it and see the reaction of your audience. Many brands repurpose their Twitter posts on Facebook and it does work well.

What should a marketing agency post on social media?

A marketing agency should post anything that engages their potential clients, i.e., the business owners. Agencies can post content about the work they do at the agency and how they do it.

This will establish their credibility in front of their audience. They should also post content on why their work is important and how it benefits the clients.

How can social media promote a digital marketing agency?

A good social media presence benefits a digital marketing agency in two ways. First, it will bring more potential clients to your brand, and second, it will build your credibility and brand image.

What is the best time to publish on social media?

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific best time to publish on social media, but generally, posts get more eyeballs on weekdays. Since the audience of a digital marketing agency is professionals, it is best to post when professionals are catching on their social feeds in the morning commute, lunchtime, or evening commute.

But this rule of thumb is good only for beginners. Once you build an audience, you can experiment by posting at different timings and check the social stats to see when your specific audience comes online.

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