5 Ways In Which Press Releases Can Help You In SEO

5 Ways In Which Press Release Can Help You In SEO

“Press releases are formal communication for announcing something newsworthy to the world”.

But can you use them for SEO?

Can a new press release help you grow your traffic organically?

Marketing gurus may advise you against the use of press releases for boosting your SEO, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

Unless you have been living in the forest for the past few years, you would know the importance and impact of search engine optimization or SEO.

But what you don’t know is that your press release can help you solidify your SEO game.

There are a few important factors that you need to keep in mind which will boost your overall site’s organic traffic.

Just imagine receiving tons of traffic after releasing your news in the public, organically, and getting you more sales.

Wouldn’t that be great?

You might ask, how to do that?

What important factors to keep in mind?

How can a press release really help with your business’ SEO?

Let’s discuss that:

Create Relevant, Newsworthy Content Only

Don’t even try to impress Google and forget about the actual readers reading your press release.

A pitch-perfect press release blend is when you post actual new content for your audience while also keeping important SEO aspects in mind.

If people like reading your press release, Google will love it as well.

How to make people like your press release?

Answer a few questions like:

  • What’s the aspect of this news that people will find interesting?
  • What are the queries this press release highlights?
  • What value does the news add to the reader’s lives?

Press releases that will drive engagements because of their relevance will automatically have a better SEO score.

🔔 Remember: In order to grow organically through press releases, don’t post irreverent news. If you don’t have something solid or newsworthy to say to your audience, don’t even think about releasing a press release.

Be Picky With Your Keywords

When you hear SEO, keywords are the complimentary term that will strike in your mind.

If you need to drive organic traffic through SEO for your press release, a great selection of keywords should be among your topmost priorities.

You need to analyze and think; you need to put yourself into the shoes of your audience searching for your release.

What keywords they’ll use to search?

Also, using various SEO tools for keyword analysis will also help you in a big way.

Once you get a few ideal keywords for your press release. Don’t try to just stuff them in, as this will not help you. It will only increase your chances of getting nothing from SEO.

On top of that, it will degrade the press release quality as your genuine readers/followers will not like it.

And once they don’t like it, Google won’t.

It’s a directly proportional link.


You need to include links in your press release, whether internal or external (preferably internal). This will help you increase the time frame of a reader engaging with your business on your site.

Also, it can act as a CTA to your readers. You don’t just want your readers to read your press release and do nothing after that.

Making them take a certain action is important.

So make them read something more, something that gives them value. This will increase the average session duration on site, which is an SEO factor search engines track to understand how valuable the site is to the reader.

🔔 Keep in mind: Don’t stuff links in your press release just for the sake of it. It will overwhelm the reader going through your press release.

In the worst-case scenario, link spamming can result in you being penalized by Google as it is considered a black hat SEO technique.

We would highly recommend keeping it simple and to the point and only adding links where they are relevant.

Avoiding link spamming will help you avoid penalties from Google, and there will be no negative impact on your press release.

Let’s check out another interesting way to level up your SEO score:

Make Journalists Your Saviors

If your press release is published by a high-authority news website, it will be a home run for you.

You’ll automatically see a boost in your SEO scores.

It will be considered as a backlink from a higher DA website, (If it’s a do-follow link), and this will tell Google that your site is an authoritative one as well.

Journalist outreach can have a positive impact on your press release and overall SEO.

So buckle up your writing game because you need to reach out to a lot of new portals and journalists in order to gain organic traffic because of a press release.

Now it’s time for the last tip for today’s discussion.

Leverage Social Media To The Fullest

If you post a press release, make sure to share it on all your social media channels. It will help to drive more organic traffic through sources other than SEO.

You might wonder how this tip is related to SEO.

Well, the more traffic comes to your site, the more engagement it gets. Search engines like Google will want to rank that quality page in the SERPs, as these search engines also track social signals.

Cool, isn’t it?

This is how even social media can help with SEO. Also, don’t hesitate in adding multimedia like images or videos in your press release.

It will help to rank/index your press release on the media search services like Google search. Multimedia can also be shared on all the social media platforms.

Are You Ready to Release Your Next News? 

Now you know how a press release can help you grow your organic traffic.

So what’s making you think so much?

Just keep all these aspects in mind while crafting a press release and you’ll be all set to see good results.

But can you create a strong press release that can represent your brand’s image and authority?

If yes, use the information in this article to create them.

If not, then you need some professionals to handle them for your business. We, at Apna Writer, can deliver you the desired result with the utmost professionalism. It has been 5 years since we have been serving various businesses for their press release requirements.

And we’d be happy to serve you as well.

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