White Paper Writing Cost: How Much For a White Paper?

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Are you looking to establish your credibility in your industry?

Do you want to use one of your brand’s most professional marketing tools?

Well, then, white paper can help you achieve your desired business results.

Either you can create a white paper in-house or outsource to professional white paper writers to handle the task on your behalf. Before you make this call, we want you to understand a few basics about white paper writing in India.

What is a white paper?

And if you want to outsource your white paper writing requirements to professionals, how much will it cost you?

Let’s find out.

What Is a White Paper?

The definition of a white paper varies from industry to industry and can confuse you.

The old definition of white paper came from politics, a legislative document explaining a particular political solution. Whereas, in tech, a white paper describes a theory behind a new piece of technology.

But in general business operations, a white paper can serve a variety of uses and audiences. [We’ll discuss it in the next section].

Although a white paper is put together like an ebook, it is quite different.

A white paper is an authoritative, powerful, persuasive, and in-depth report on a specific topic that highlights and showcases a problem and provides a solution according to your brand. You can educate your audience about a particular issue in your industry or promote a new methodology or technology.

The advanced problem-solving guides have a particular length, structure, density, format, and style, which only a professional white paper writer can achieve with their experience in writing white papers.

But why can’t you use blog articles, ebooks, or other content forms to express your authority, highlight an industry concern, or fulfill other desired purposes?

Why Do You Need a White Paper?

White papers are the well-guarded crown jewels in the content kingdom.

According to a survey, white papers are the most consumed content compared to any other form of a content piece within the B2B buying journey.

A white paper includes valuable resources for qualified readers to understand the wider problem and use your unique insights. The unquenchable demand for white paper in the B2B industry is immense compared to any other format, and it can be vital if you sell something new, complex, or expensive.

Let’s understand the broader benefits of creating and publishing white papers for your business.

Showcase Your Expertise And Authority

A white paper can ensure your business is credible to your target audience. Also, it can establish your expertise and authority in your niche.

You can showcase your experience, unique thinking approach, and your work in the industry to ensure you stand out.

Because white papers incorporate research and multiple references, highlighting that you’ve done your homework and know what you’re talking about.

Market to Investors

You can attract investors and level up your sales game using white papers. Publishing white papers can ensure you know what’s happening in the market.

Also, it highlights why your products/services relieve a pain point for your target audience, which can be crucial in getting thumbs up with investor funding.

It helps you make a case for your business and raises trust among the investors in your business and plans.

Introduce Your Company And What It Does

You can also create a white paper highlighting why you started your business and the industry gap you are trying to fix.

It can be your first white paper and help you highlight the vision and mission of your business. You can focus on your tailored solution to a larger problem.

Don’t forget about trends and how the market is changing. The big picture lets you show what your company does and where it fits in the business industry.

Fuel Your Lead Generation Tactics

You can also get contact information from leads using white papers. A quality white paper can help you connect with qualified leads and ensure you can remove the friction in building trust and reliability with your potential prospects.

You can also use white paper as a lead magnet and create a form where visitors have to give you their names and email addresses.

A sign-up from your potential customers can ensure they are interested in the content and your business.

As Part of An Educational Campaign

You can use white paper to discuss useful topics related to your industry and educate your target audience. Don’t primarily focus on providing your audience information linked with your products. It won’t fulfill the purpose of writing a white paper for your educational campaign.

Introduce Your Product Or Service

While many marketers believe that using a white paper is not about promoting your product or service, we believe if it’s done subtly, you can fulfill your marketing goals.

A white paper can help you introduce a product or service by showing the target audience why there’s a need for it.

You can establish the issue in your industry and how to solve it using your product or service with a white paper showcasing research to support your claims.

These benefits can help you strengthen your marketing campaign and streamline your business success path.

But there are a few aspects to clarify before scripting a quality white paper for your brand.

Things to Know Before Writing a White Paper

You won’t achieve your desired white paper results if you are unclear with the basics of writing a white paper.

Either you outsource your white paper or create it in-house. Here’s what you should know:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your call to action?
  • Is this an informative white paper that provides background info, or is it more like a factual report on numbers and trends?
  • What will be the white paper’s layout, graphs, and illustrations?

But if you want a professional white paper with all these aspects covered for your business, you must outsource your work to professional white paper writers.

Hiring a professional content service provider can help you minimize the hassle of creating and publishing thoroughly researched white papers.

But you should be highly considerate about the pricing offered by the content writing agency for your white paper requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Write A White Paper?

You can expect to pay between INR 15,000 and 50,000 for a decently-produced white paper (depending on the word count and other factors). But also, it’s not uncommon for high-end white papers to cost over INR 75,000 if you hire an expensive content writing agency.

With the scale of the gig work economy, an independent writer can deliver you relatively short white papers for less than INR 15,000.

But there’s no guarantee of the quality, completion, or conversion goals until and unless a team of strategists, copywriters, and editors are involved in fulfilling your requirements.

That’s where Apna Writer comes to your rescue.

Choosing Apna Writer

We at Apna Writer have years of experience creating professional and powerful white papers to help businesses showcase their credibility and build solid relationships with their audience.

We understand the importance of strengthening your position in the industry and standing out with the help of quality white papers.

We have a solid team of white paper writers, editors, and thinkers to help you achieve your business potential at highly cost-effective prices.

We would love to understand your requirements. See you on the other side.

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