Why Are People Focusing On LinkedIn Marketing?

Why Are People Focusing On LinkedIn Marketing (1)


A gold mine for many B2B business owners and professionals.

This is a platform where most of the top business executives and decision-makers like to spend their spare time.

LinkedIn has 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million users are decision-makers.(Source)

Also, something worth noting, LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst the Fortune 500 companies.

Now, you might be thinking, what is it that makes LinkedIn so alluring to corporate people?

Why has it become the Facebook of the business world?

Why are people focusing on LinkedIn Marketing?

Before we clear you these queries, let us first understand the basic things about LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn And How Does It Work?

LinkedIn is one of the most successful professional social-media platforms, which ideally is an online hub for the job hunt.

But when used properly, you find that:

  • It is a dominant medium to build meaningful business connections
  • It can help you build a stronger work portfolio
  • It will help you build networks with industry leaders
  • It is the best platform to start your industry related discussions

But LinkedIn is not just about B2B. There is more to it.

Unlike popular belief, brands don’t just target a strict B2B (business to business) vertical. There are some brands and organizations that target B2C (business to consumer).

It all depends on the CONNECTIONS you build on LinkedIn.

The beauty of LinkedIn’s massive reach is that everyone is accessible.

A fresh graduate can connect with the CEO (provided the CEO accepts his connections request) and so forth!

So, you understand LinkedIn, right?

Everyone in your industry is just a connection away!

Now, moving on, there are some specific LinkedIn marketing strategies that a newbie and an experienced professional can follow to upscale their profile.

But before we analyze that, let’s understand why people choose LinkedIn for marketing.

Why Are People Focusing on LinkedIn Marketing?

Rather than Facebook or Twitter, people are more active on LinkedIn nowadays, because of the obvious reasons: WORK!

LinkedIn is a work-centric platform with a user base of over 722+ million members.

That is more than half a billion, an astounding figure, isn’t it?

And the good thing about such a huge user base is that 46% of its users use LinkedIn daily.

So, the opportunities on this platform are immense!

The basic thing one needs to understand about LinkedIn is that whether you are a business organization or a professional, your primary motto is to ENGAGE with your audience (i.e. your connections) and get them INTERESTED in your product/services.

Now unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you cannot push your business with unnecessary ads (also because LinkedIn Ads are costly) or spam your audience because they can very well (and quickly!) develop a bad image of your brand if they find it too spammy or pushy.

Your aim should be to present your business, product, or service in such a way that it solves a particular problem of your core customer.

So, you need to market your business aptly and considerably on LinkedIn without boring your audience with the things they can easily find on FB, Google, or elsewhere.

You need your audience to know about your business, culture and it’s ethics. The connections you build will then be the loyal ones.

Your business’s marketing strategies on LinkedIn thus have to be engaging.

And by posting valuable and noteworthy content about your business, you will eventually make your company stand out.

Now every business’s marketing strategies, depending on the platform they are on, are different, but there are certain core principles they must take into account when doing LinkedIn marketing.

Let’s understand what are those:

Self Evaluation

We know that self evaluation is very important if you want your business to get anywhere. And it’s no different for a business on LinkedIn.

Only after you’ve aptly self-analyzed your business and your offerings, you can make your customer realize its importance.

Update Your Profile/Page

LinkedIn gives ample options for you to show your LinkedIn profile.

If you have a personal account, make sure you use the space and character-limits to the optimum.

Fill in details about your education, work, and other industry-specific and relevant details.

Use targeted keywords so that whenever your customer or potential client/investor looks up for that word, you are on the top of the list.

If you have a company page, make sure it’s always updated.

Post about your work, discuss it, interact with your targeted connections like a human, and address their queries.

Sharing Consistently

Once you use LinkedIn, you’ll understand LinkedIn is all about consistency. For staying relevant, you need to be consistent.

There are a number of ways to top in the race of LinkedIn marketing, but the one that works the best is the organic way.

Posting content regularly is a great way to not only build a name for your business but also make you top the list with your business’s goals. Posting regularly makes you accessible to your potential leads and prospective investors.

Once you’ve done that strategically, you can navigate LinkedIn’s traffic to your own website, too!

LinkedIn, like all other social media platforms, taps on visual content – so make sure your content is engaging.

Make use of videos, graphics, polls, carousel posts, and other rich media engagement tactics!

Sponsor An Ad Campaign

Be very, very specific when doing LinkedIn paid marketing. Make sure it is ROI driven, and it caters to your core marketing goals.

LinkedIn’s Ad Campaign Manager is expansive and you can choose your ideal method – text message or dynamic ads. Visualize your result and the reasons why you opted for the ads.

After that, make sure you analyze LinkedIn Analytics, to be better the next time.

Make LinkedIn Marketing Work For You

Overall, we would just like to reiterate why we said that, even though LinkedIn is a professional platform it’s not only limited to B2B.

It’s because, on LinkedIn, you don’t just “add” connections, you need to “nurture” those connections into successful relationships.

Now it’s your time to level up your game on LinkedIn marketing.

We are sure you have your piece of advice and experience to add, so please do share it in the comments!

We will love to read your point of view!

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