SEO Tips For Your eCommerce Websites to Grow Organically

SEO Tips For Your eCommerce Websites to Grow Organically

Do you own an online shopping store?

Do you want to grow your eCommerce store organically?

If your answer is yes, that’s amazing.

Because who doesn’t like free traffic, right?

You do.

We do.

Probably every other online business owner does.

And what’s the best source of driving consistent free traffic online?

You guessed it right:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

But there is a lot of work to do before getting the actual fruit from the SEO tree.

Making your eCommerce site attract a vast amount of organic traffic requires time, research efforts, and patience.

Besides that, the key ingredient for SEO success is consistency.

Different websites have different SEO methods to scale organically. No doubt the basics are similar, but there is a difference.

The SEO approach used for an eCommerce website will be different from any other content-oriented website.

So today we’ll discuss some important SEO tips for eCommerce websites gained from our experience over the past years.

But before we jump into the crux of today’s discussion, let’s get a few basics clear about SEO.

SEO And Its Types

SEO or search engine optimization includes all the best practices involved for making a website rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

It helps to amplify the quantity and quality of website traffic.

It’s totally focused on unpaid traffic.

You can gain a substantial amount of organic traffic on your eCommerce website once you have mastered every step of SEO.

Let’s jump onto the different types.

SEO is further categorized into two parts:

  • On-page
  • Off-page

On-page SEO involves optimizing your site, technically, as well as content-wise, to improve your site’s chance of ranking high on the SERPs.

Off-page SEO involves factors occurring outside your website.

We can’t just focus on one and miss out on the other, as a combination of both will give you the best results.

So let’s discuss some important tips for organically growing your eCommerce website traffic, for both types of SEOs.

On-Page SEO Tips

Optimized Product Pages

With search engines especially like Google regularly updating their algorithms, content relevance has become a major factor for better SEO.

When we talk about eCommerce websites, product pages account for a major portion of the site.

And the inner core of the product pages is informative & persuasive product descriptions. You need to write enticing and valuable product descriptions. It should be your first priority.

Here are few things you can also follow:

  • Don’t copy-paste content from the internet, be original with product descriptions
  • Don’t lose your focus from the target keyword because that’s your rare diamond in the mine
  • Be consistent with heading tags, title should be in H1 and subheadings should be in H2

Your content should be optimized and fresh for the customer visiting your online store.

If you can’t do it on your own, hire professionals like Apna Writer because this is serious work.

⭐ Remember: Google loves you if people love you.

Never Ignore Category Pages

For many industries, category pages do nothing more than being a place to categorize blogs, pages, services, etc. But, for eCommerce websites, category pages are a goldmine.


Let us take an example of how people usually search for products online. Suppose, if someone is looking for Nike shoes online, what would they search for?

Maybe “Best Nike Shoes”, “Best Nike Shoes Under 5,000 Rupees”, Best Nike Shoes in Red Color” or something in the line of these phrases.

Now, try searching for these keywords and you would find the category pages of eCommerce websites ranking in the first few places. These pages would be having all the products related to that specific query.

eCommerce portals usually create thousands of such category pages based on all the queries that users usually have. So, never ignore category pages because they match the intent of user queries and bring most of the traffic to an eCom website.

Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

You can optimize all the on-page content and meta title tags using keywords tailored to specific products. Long-tail keywords can help in increasing the conversion rate as they are more relatable key phrases but are usually longer.

Try to grab what adjective, noun, and variable your audience are using for specific products. Add those key phrases and you are good to go with your on-page SEO game.

Let’s check out what tips we have for your off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO tips

Create and Keep Your Business Listings Up-To-Date

You should focus on creating your business profiles on all the major business listing websites. Some of them that you might have already heard about are JustDial, Sulekha, TrustPilot, Podium, etc.

And, if you are a local business then it becomes very much important to have enough local presence. Focus on creating local listings and update them on a regular basis.


  • Positive reviews
  • Putting localized and optimized content
  • Citations
  • Updating your phone, address, name, and business hours

This helps enhance the user experience and also helps search engines to know more about you. You will have enhanced SERP results compared to other eCommerce sites without any local business listings.

So mark this as an important off-site tip.

Social Media Handles To The Rescue

As per the trends curated by Smart Insights, 87% of eCommerce buyers believe that Social Media helps them in making a shopping decision. The numbers are big enough for you to start working on your social media presence if you haven’t started it yet.

Apart from the interaction with your audience, a good social media presence also helps in SEO. Although the effect is not that direct as you might assume it to be but in a long term, your social media engagement does help you in getting better results through your SEO campaigns.

So, create your accounts on all major social media handles where your audience is present, fill in all the details, publish content regularly, interact with the audience and keep growing.

Backlinks From Other Relevant Sites

There is no better off-site SEO technique to make your website worth ranking higher in the SERPs than relevant backlinks.

Noticed the word relevant?

Yes, it’s an important factor. Getting backlinks from sites having your industry background will be more beneficial. You can’t just get a do-follow link to your website from a source that is irrelevant to your industry and expect your SERPs ranking to boost.

Because it won’t matter much.

What’s this dofollow?

A dofollow tag allows the search engines to follow those links and also pass some authority value from that website to yours, and no-follow links don’t allow that.

How to get these backlinks?

Well, there are many white hat techniques you can follow to get a good amount of backlinks like:

And various other techniques.

Try Influencer Marketing

This is the year 2021 and people have hundreds of options to choose from. This makes it hard for you to reach your audience, build trust, and persuade them in purchasing your products or services.

How Influencer Marketing can help you in both your off-page SEO and brand awareness?

With Influencer Marketing, you connect with the influencers in your industry and let them review your products or services. This can be done in multiple ways like paying them for reviews, giving away your products for free, or more. You can learn more about Influencer Marketing here.

A paid review on their website can bring you both brand awareness and a backlink that brings authority with it.

That’s all you need, right?

Also, the followers of that particular influencer might purchase the product or service and thus starting a chain reaction of word-of-mouth promotion based on the quality of your product/service of course.

Is Your eCommerce Website Ready to Grow Organically?

We have highlighted a few important things for an impressive SEO of your site. But if we boil down everything, one core requirement is high-quality content. You need content for your product descriptions.

You need content for your overall website. You need content in order to get backlinks through outreach, guest posting, emailing, commenting.

Not just content, but effective and valuable content. So make sure you have a highly professional team of writers for your online shopping store.

It will do wonders for your business.

If you have a firm foundation, your building structure will be stronger. And content is the foundation for any online business. If you need an instant solution to your content problems, we at Apna Writer will be more than happy to assist you further.

Let’s connect.

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