How SocialPilot Used Our SaaS Content Writing Services to Boost Their SERPs Rankings?

SocialPilot Case Study

How have we helped SocialPilot with our SaaS content writing services to boost their SERPs rankings?


Ranking on the top of Google search results is the dream for every SaaS business in the modern era.

But with the rising competition, SEO saturation, and numerous other reasons, it’s hard for businesses to achieve their desired results.

In the summer of 2020, SocialPilot was looking for an agency that could provide them with SEO-focused content in a conversational tone to boost their ranking on SERPs.

They reached out to many agencies, but none satisfied their requirements. After weeks of profiling different content writing agencies, they got in touch with Apna Writer, and their search ended.

The Problem

SocialPilot came across Apna Writer through a reference. The company requested a sample article for one of its keywords related to social media platforms.

The main issue SocialPilot faces with other SaaS-focused writing agencies is non-compliance with the company’s strict standard guidelines. They wanted professional, conversational, SEO-focused content to entice the reader and the search engine crawlers.

But luckily, their guidelines matched our standard operating procedure, and our writers delivered what they requested. Our writers and editors collaborated on a few sample blogs and delivered 2-3 articles that the company liked.

They gave us their monthly requirements of articles around different social media platforms that their software can handle.

Our project managers analyzed the requirements and created the pipeline to match the deadlines and comply with the guidelines. We delivered what they demanded with finesse and utmost dedication to enable them to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Wondering how we helped one of the leading social media management software companies improve its SEO rankings?

Hold on; we are about to spill the beans.

The Results

We not only delivered conversational content with a quick turnaround time but also ensured that the blogs were highly SEO-optimized.

What was the result?

A few months after the content delivery, over 46 blogs for different primary keywords written by our skilled team of SaaS writers ranked in the top 10 search results in the YouTube and Facebook marketing segment.

Staggering results, right?

Now, if you don’t know about SocialPilot, here’s a brief:

About the Company

SocialPilot is a leading social media management tool for small businesses and digital agencies to manage their social media platforms effortlessly.

The company was started in 2014 and is helping organizations in the United States generate engagement with targeted audiences and reach out to new customers on social media.

So, let’s roll back to where the association started.

Our SaaS Content Writing Solutions

SaaS-focused content writing needs to connect with the target audience; however, we can’t ignore the keywords and on-page SEO guidelines.

The primary issue for us was to ensure that our content connected with the U.S based audience and delivered the message of the article effectively.

Our well-trained writers and editors adapted to the client’s requirements and delivered results tailored to the provided guidelines.

Also, we have a team of specialized writers that can deliver content for different industries with finesse.

Then we also wanted to ensure that the deadlines were matched and the quality was maintained. That’s where our professional strategists and project managers play their roles.

The proper allocation of work to the editors and writers ensures the pipeline is maintained and the client is satisfied with every batch of keywords.

SocialPilot is one of our leading happy and satisfied clients in the SaaS industry, and we are proud to help them rank their 46 blog articles in the top 10 keyword search rankings.

Using our experience, professionalism, and quality SaaS content writing services, we want to help you achieve your desired outcomes and help you stand out from the rest.

We hope we can write one case study for your SaaS brand.

Get in touch with experts for your project requirement discussion.

See you on the other side.

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