Why Do We Charge More and How It Helps Our Clients Save Money?

Talking about our charges

Every modern-day business wants best-in-class content writing services at cost-effective rates. We are sure even you want the same for your business, right?

There’s no harm in wanting the best for your business, but you should consider a wider perspective before finalizing your next content writing service provider at a cost-effective price.

The global content writing and marketing industry is rising and is expected to increase by 16% by 2022. The increase has resulted in a competitive environment in the industry.

To stand out, most service providers and freelancers are slashing their prices to attract prospective clients.

The offers are so alluring that you might consider trying out their services at least once.

But being a result-oriented business owner, you must look at the other side of the coin.

What about the quality these service providers are offering?

Price is often a proxy for quality.

Do you think these cost-effective service providers thoroughly cross-check your content and run it through a paid plagiarism checker?

Do they have teams of professional editors to proofread the copies?

Well, the answer is ‘NO.’ To implement the price cuts, they often compromise on operational costs to earn bearable profits for sustainability.

That’s where Apna Writer stands out. And that’s not all.

What Makes Us Stand Out from Other Content Writing Service Providers?

Our approach is to provide a balance between pricing and quality. We at Apna Writer have been consistently focused on improving the quality of our content and have actively invested in ensuring our content satisfies your content requirements.

We adjust our content writing service’s pricing based on our expenses and investment budget and have minimal profit margins.

Compared to independent freelancers and other mediocre content writing service providers, here’s what you get from a premium brand like Apna Writer:

Niche-expert writers

When you hire a freelancer at a comparatively lower price, you often compromise on your content’s connection with your audience.

A niche-oriented business requires professionals who understand your target audience’s pain points and emotions. You need writers who can gel up the technical jargon of your industry with simplified conversational and engaging content.

That’s what we offer at Apna Writer. With a team of over hundreds of skilled writers who can handle multiple industry requirements, we help to build your brand’s voice and image.

Professional Team of Project Managers And Editors

A dedicated team of experts can increase the operational expense of average content agencies that promise lower prices.

So, often they avoid hiring experts who can polish the content and strategize a tailored path to cover your content requirements.

But that’s not the approach we follow at Apna Writer. We ensure we have the best resources and talent to support our quality commitments to our clients. Our experienced project managers understand your requirements and plan the right approach to deliver high-quality content on time and consistently.

And our proficient editors thoroughly cross-check the content to remove even the minutest of grammatical mistakes that even advanced tools can’t detect. They add a human touch to the editing process and ensure that the content matches the language standard of your precise requirements.

Access To The Best Technologies

Content writing is a serious investment; most average freelancers and content writing agencies don’t understand this.

They avoid investing in state-of-the-art technologies to improve content quality to save their profits and minimize expenses.

But we make calculated investments to strengthen our in-house operational network with technological advancements.

We ensure our writers, managers, and editors are hands-on with the world-class software solutions required in the content writing industry.

A few of the top tools we use at Apna Writer include:

  • Ahrefs: At least $99 monthly (for determining search intent and gathering SEO data)
  • Grammarly: About $20 monthly (for minimizing the grammar issues, readability, and matching your content goals)
  • Copyscape Premium: Prices vary per check (for checking the plagiarism)

We also rely on networking tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator or organization memberships to contact prospective team members and onboard the best talent in the content writing industry.

These resources are required to improve your content requirements’ quality, precision, and completion speed.

Refined Standard Operational Procedure

“Systems work, humans fail.” 

As one of our country’s leading content service providers, we have to handle bulk content requirements, and we do so using professional and streamlined processes.

We have integrated result-oriented SOPs that help us create premium-quality content within a limited time.

It also helps us minimize the training time while onboarding a new member to our organization.

You won’t find professional operational procedures while outsourcing content to freelancers or average content writing agencies.

For example, when writing a blog, our writers research the subject and the relevant industry trends, understand the target audience’s language and pain points, extract the search intent, do a competitor analysis, gather SEO data, and a lot more.

The standard content creation process takes time and sweat to ensure you get the best results.

Here’s an overview of how much time we take to create a 1000-1500 word blog post.

Discussion with Client 1 Hour
Subject matter research 3-5 hours
Target audience research 3-5 hours
Writing, Editing 6-7 hours
Revision rounds 3 hours

This stepwise time distribution helps us streamline the content creation and delivery process and ensure you get the best results within the promised time.

Despite our dedication and consistent high-quality results, a few of our clients didn’t find the price of our content writing services cost-effective and switched to different options.

Here is the result of that which we want to share with you.

Example of Clients Who Switched to Freelancers and Later Suffered with Bad Quality Content

There are multiple examples from our content writing service provider journey highlighting why our quality justifies our content writing prices.

We won’t name the businesses but want to highlight the learning.

Net and IBM iSeries Technology Experts

One of the professional software development companies based in Chicago approached us with their content requirements.

The technicality of their content was expert-level, and their blog requirements aligned with Backlinko and their blogs.

We understood their requirements, and our niche-expert blog writers set out to put in the hard work to deliver results that satisfied their requirements.

Based on their regular content requirements, we provided them with customized content writing prices.

For a few months, everything went smoothly, but suddenly, they decided to cut their expenses and hire an in-house team of writers who could get the job done.

  • They spent hugely on hiring and training their writers to match their desired outcomes. But none of the writers could satisfy their demands.
  • They also tried different content writing agencies at lower prices, but the quality they received was poor and didn’t align with the well-versed audience.

They wasted months and thousands of dollars, and they ended up with nothing.

Recently, they realized the value we offered with our content writing services and re-hired us as their trusted long-term partners for managing their content requirements.

We understand the technicalities of their project, and our standard SOPs help us deliver the results they want for their target market.

A Corporate Gifting Company

One of the leading corporate gifting companies approached us with their content writing requirements.

We offered them our tailored content writing requirement quotes and delivered quality and unique content for a while.

We offered 100% unique and thoroughly researched content and helped them improve their SERP rankings.

But they wanted to reduce the costs of their content writing services, so they parted ways with us.

  • They tried to hire in-house
  • Connect with different freelancers at fairly lower prices

But didn’t receive the quality they wanted with their content. To date, they are changing writers because they are receiving 100% plagiarized content.

It’s affecting the SEO strategy given by their SEO team, and it may negatively impact their business soon.

Both these examples highlight why choosing the right content partner matters; it’s not only about the price when choosing one for your business.

We Charge for What We Deliver

We hope now you understand why at Apna Writer we charge slightly more than a freelancer or an average content writing service provider.

With a dedicated team of experts and years of experience, we help you simplify your complex content writing requirements and deliver the best results for your business.

We are open to offering customized pricing options for your bulk requirements. So if you are convinced and ready, contact us to discuss your requirements, and we’ll work hard to help you achieve your content goals.

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