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How Much Content Costs In India

How much should you be paying for business content creation?

How much do content writers charge per word in India?

Should you hire freelancers or outsource to a content service-providing company?

Which is the best and most affordable option for your business?

Today, we will answer all these questions for you.

But before we get into that, we have something to share with you –

The total content market size is going to skyrocket up to USD 269.24 billion in the years 2020-2024. Yeah, you read it right. It’s a B for Billion. Converting into INR, this amounts to 1,96,68,92,43,40,000.00.

What does this prove?

This proves that content is the need of the hour for every single business out there. It’s the heart and soul of any marketing campaign.

But not every content is the same:

  • Content for a website home page requires different research and execution than creating a blog content
  • Writing emails requires a whole unique skill set than writing an ebook.
  • Writing content for sales letters requires different copywriting skills than writing for social media

Just like the purpose of different content formats is different, so are the prices to create them.

As Indian marketing is fairly inexpensive compared to the western world, content prices in India are lower compared to the US or the UK. But all business owners, just like you, aren’t aware of this. Most business owners get tricked and end up paying high-end prices for content formats that require less effort.

So what are the most accurate content writing rates in India?

How much does content costs in India?

Don’t get fooled by absurd content costs. Know the legit charges before you actually hire or outsource your content-related work.

Content Writing charges in India depending upon multiple factors might vary from 10 Paise/Word to even 50 Rupees/word from some professional and leading content writers. To help you with choosing the right one, we have written this article.

With a combined experience of over 8 years in the writing industry, we, at Apna Writer, have worked with content writers across the nation.

This has helped us learn a lot about content writing charges in India.

But before we jump onto the money aspect of it, let’s discuss all the factors that affect writing charges in India.

Factors Affecting Content Writing Charges In India

Out of the many factors that might affect the content writing salary in India, we’ve listed the most important ones we have experienced during our stay in this industry:

Is In-Depth Research Required

Sometimes creating a content piece requires rigorous research, just like this article.

A well-researched article can bring you more backlinks, position you as a credible source of information, and can help build your authority in your industry.

If you want to avail the benefits of well-researched content and win over your competition, prices can increase up to 50% than the base price.

Additional Services Along With Creating Content

If you ask your writers to do separate keyword research, complete competitor analysis, creating blog images, etc, you’ll obviously have to pay more.

Untimely Guidelines

Sometimes you may skip some important points that you want your writers to keep a note off.

If you suddenly update your guidelines, it will be an additional task for the writers to go back and include them in their work.

You might have to pay for this as well. So try to be clear with your content goals prior to giving the content order.

Repetitive Revisions

Be clear at the very first meeting about the cost of revisions, as some content service providers will charge you for over 1 or 2 revisions.

Now that you know about the most important factors that affect your content creation costs, let’s answer the next question about freelance writers.

Different Types of Content

As we have shared above, different types of content would have a different cost attached to them. For example, if you will go through our website to check content writing charges for a website, you will find it different from the charges that we take for blog articles.

And, this is the case with the whole industry and different content types require different tones, approaches, experiences, and testing. So, make sure to be ready with all your requirements before you start looking for writers as the cost can vary a lot based on your requirements.

How Freelancing Charges In India Are Defined?

There is no official source defining content writing rates in India. Since freelancing is not a government authorized industry, the rates vary.

Freelancers charge according to their experience and based on the purpose and type of your content requirement.

Based on our experience and many associations with freelancers throughout India, we have created an average chart for content writing prices (per word) in India that freelancers charged in 2020 and they are still charging in 2021:

charges per word in India for freelancers

*The values are based on price per word (in INR)

Here’s why we have defined the prices on a per word basis:

Some writers also charge based on the number of hours it took them to complete the assignment. But that isn’t a favorable option for obvious reasons. You would never know how much time they actually took to complete it.

You can check and analyze various freelance writers, and the prices they charge on websites like Upwork,, Fiver, among others.

But freelancing comes with its own set of drawbacks. Check out the problems when you hire a freelancer:

  • Lack of commitment: Some freelancers handling your project might not deliver the required content within the promised time. This can delay your schedule, and sometimes it might cause losses.
  • The incapability of handling extensive projects: If you have a huge requirement of blog articles, freelancers might not be capable of fulfilling the volume. Only a well-established content writing company can handle the content of that stature.
  • Compromise on quality: Sometimes freelancers (even the experienced ones) can compromise on the quality of your project. Because of the overload of work, they can hurry the completion process, which results in an inferior quality content piece. This can negatively affect your business brand.

So what is the alternative?

To eradicate these drawbacks and to get top-notch quality content at affordable prices, associate with any of the top content writing companies in India.

How Content Writing Company Charges in India Are Defined?

There are many experienced content writing companies in India, but only a few can deliver pitch-perfect, engaging content, according to your business requirements.

If you are an excellent negotiator, you can even get premium-quality work done, at the same price as hiring a freelancer.

Though hiring a content writing agency can add a pinch more amount to your final bill, it will pay you higher ROIs in the end.

This is because content writing agencies have a team of researchers, writers, planners, and editors working on every single project.

They make sure you get what you deserve, i.e. best in class content for your business.

Just like freelance writers, content writing company charges in India can vary based upon your type of content requirement, amount of content requirement, and what value it adds to your audience.

Content writing companies bring versatility and flexibility with them, which is not possible with freelancing.

Here’s the average rate list for price per word charged by content writers in India:

Content Writing Rates

In today’s digital world, it’s important to update fresh content regularly.

Therefore, hiring a content writing company, at the rates of a freelancer, is the most ideal choice for your business.

If you still have any doubts about outsourcing content for your business, check out the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing content creation.

Connect With The Best

It’s your responsibility towards your business to choose the best content service providers.

And to get the best results you must associate with the best – But how to decide which one is the best?

Good question.

We at Apna Writer are one of the leading content service providers in India.

Our team of highly skilled writers, editors, and thinkers has created over 5000+ content pieces.

Served 150+ clients across 10+ industries.

And we’ll be more than happy to serve your content needs as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do content writers charge for website content?

The content writers charge bracket depends upon the quality of content you want for your website. From entry-level to expert level, the price bracket for website content varies.

For example, the average price per word charged by content writers in India for entry-level is 0.5 to 0.75 Paisa; it rises to 1.5 to 3.5 Rupees for the intermediate level. For expert-level, it is from 4 to 7 Rupees onwards.

How much does a 500-word article cost in India?

A 500-word article cost depends upon the quality you want from the writers. If you require a basic level article, it will cost you around 250 to 300 Indian Rupees.

If you wish professionalism to reflect in the article, the price will be around 300 to 750 Indian Rupees. But if you want a highly researched and expert level article, the cost can range from 1000 to 2500 Indian Rupees.

Per Word Charges Vs. Per Project Charges

The price range from per word charge and project charge differs drastically. It’s like going to a retail shop and a wholesale shop. If you have a small content requirement, you should opt for a per word option, and it will cost you more than the per-project charge.

But suppose you have a content requirement for the next six to twelve months and want a regular content delivery. In that case, negotiating a comparatively low price per content piece is the ideal option.

Outsourcing Content Vs. Hiring a Team of Writers

There’s a lot of debate about whether a business should hire a team of in-house writers or opt for outsourcing content. The right way to approach this situation is to figure out your budget, content requirement, and resources. Hiring a team requires a good amount of funding and resources for training writers to deliver content tailored to your business.

On the other hand, outsourcing helps you get your desired content without investing a lot of your time and energy most inexpensively.

How much budget should be there for content creation?

The content creation budget depends upon your content marketing plan. If you have a content calendar scheduled for the next six to twelve months, you need to set a higher budget. But if you only want limited content for your business, then a small budget would do great for you.

There should be no specific limit to your content creation budget; If your investment delivers your desired conversions, you would continuously want to invest in high-quality, rewarding content.

How much do content writers charge per month?

An average content writer would charge you around 15,000 to 20,000, but if we increase the experience level and the expertise, the price may vary from 30,000 to 75,000. It all depends on the writer you want for your content and how much work it requires to deliver your desired content.

If you find it costly, you always have the inexpensive way to outsource your content needs to a third-party content writing service provider.

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      Only thing is, in the west, since their economy is better and literacy is higher, the problems are not as drastic as in ours. So maybe, its our job to stick to our guns while pricing for our services and not succumb to those ignorant clients who are willing to pay only peanuts for premium content.

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