How To Write A Press Release For An Event

Write A Press Release For An Event

So you had a big event organized for your business.

It turned out to be a huge success.

You celebrated with your team.

Now you are planning to make the next one even better.

And the cycle continues…

But you know what, this celebration and the planning can also be turned into an opportunity.

Want to know how?

The answer is a press release!

A press release for an event is an official statement issued to newspapers and digital publications highlighting the information on a particular matter or an event.

It could be based on:

  • Any event that you already have organized or about to organize
  • Any big achievement in your business,
  • Announcing any future business strategy

Going by the definition, a Press Release is an objective piece of information targeted at a particular set of people, preferably the press or business prospects, so that desired information reaches the target audience.

Now you have this question, How will a press release help?

Well, a press release can help you:

  • To get your brand recognized
  • Generate organic leads for your business
  • Update the world about your business workings

So now that you know what a press release is and how it can help, let’s discuss why writing a press release is important for every business?

how to write a press release for an event

Importance of a Press Release

In the present age of information overload, one cannot overemphasize the importance of a press release for every business.

Where the social media is filled with fake news that is sometimes hyped up for scamming or cheap publicity, press releases are written with an agenda to highlight your business’s event to:

  • Media
  • New-age bloggers,
  • Your specific group of the target audience

So as to let people know about your business in a credible way.

And you know what, a good press release is also shareable on social media. What makes it shareable is the fact that:

A press release carries only the most important information about the event that is to be held or has been held. It is an honest to-the-point written piece that documents the purpose of the event

It is also a powerful tool that not only helps you share information about your business, but allows you to do so in an authoritative, trustworthy, and reliable manner.

So, a press release should be written carefully, as it can impact your business a lot. Let us know to learn the process to write an engaging press releases for any particular event

How to Write a Press Release for an Event?

Google “Writing a Press Release For an Event“ and you’ll be flooded with the number of press release templates you can choose from.

Though the templates are very informative, and practically will serve all your purposes, there are few important points you must check every time you sit to write a press release for an event.

Note: First things first, it is important to keep it short, that it includes all the keywords about the event, and is written in an active voice (if the event is about to be held).

Usually, we write press releases for two main types of events:

  • To announce an upcoming event
  • To state the highlights of an event that happened recently.

Whether you are writing a press release for your own company or outsourcing it, make sure you the below-mentioned details:

Reason for the event

The reason for organizing the event is what attracts the target audience to read more about it. So make sure you include it in the TITLE of the press release itself.

Make it pretty self-explanatory so that it informs the reader WHY you’re even writing this press release in the first place.


A very, very important aspect of any press release is to mention the date when you write a press release.

In case of an event that already took place:

Mention the date of the event and the date of publishing the press release as well (when the event went public).

In case of an upcoming event:

Mention the date of when the event will be held.

Information About The Event

A press release is a journalistic practice. Therefore, it should be brief and mention all the important points. So, while writing a press release, make sure the introduction states the 5Ws & 1H.

Confused about what are we talking about?

Well, here’s what we mean:

  • What is/was the event about?
  • Where was it held or going to be held?
  • Who is expected to be at the event or who are invited?
  • Why is it taking place?
  • When will that event take place?
  • How can one be a part of it?

The introduction of the press release should cut through all the clutter, while also making it an interesting read.

This is because if the intro doesn’t hook the readers or potential invitees from the press, it’s unlikely that they’ll attend the event.

Now that the intro is ready, here’s what all you need to include in the body of the press release:

Explain the importance of conducting that event:

After you’ve introduced your reason for conducting that event, the press release must clearly mention additional information about the event.

For example: If your organization is organizing that event for a charity, mention that upfront.

In simple language, the body of press releases should be written in such a way that these pieces of information should give them the idea of WHAT the event will be all about.

The essence of the event:

Since you are writing a press release for an event, your conclusion should be written in such a way that makes your attendees take part in the event.

The conclusion should be effective and memorable without sounding too boastful.

Your detailed contact information:

Lastly, the press release MUST include all necessary contact information in case the attendees (like any prospect or journalist) would like to contact you personally.

So, do include your official mobile number, email address, your designation in the organization, etc to make it easy for people to reach out to you.

Now that you know all the basics, here are some extras to make sure the press release brings the desired outcome:-

Tip No. 1:  Make sure you always write in a third-person perspective without including “I” or “We” syntaxes.

Press releases should only state objective facts and news. One should avoid highlighting any subjective viewpoints while writing a press release.

Tip No. 2: Don’t forget to include good and high-quality images. As pictures speak a thousand words and an HD quality image makes it more appealing for attendees to attend that event. Make sure to include pictures of the locale or the location of the event, images explaining the USP(unique selling point) of the event and your organization, etc.

So there you go!

Now, we hope that you understood what a press release is, how it is important for your business, and what all information should include getting maximum benefits.

Though we’ve shown how writing a press release can actually be very simple, when one begins to write it can seem really difficult.

This is where we come in.

At Apna Writer, we cater to all your writing requirements.

When you opt for services like writing a press release for your business, we go hand-in-hand with you, taking your inputs about the event, and passing it on to our team of experienced writers and editors, who make sure your press release is set for a perfect release.

Do you want a press release written for an upcoming event? Let’s connect! 🙂

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